Distribution of OraSoothe Wound Healing Products

Posted: November 21, 2022
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LANCASTER, Pa.—Septodont is pleased to announce the distribution of the OraSoothe product line, previously provided to the dental marketplace by MCMP Co., Grand Prairie, Texas.

Dental professionals have used OraSoothe products to help millions of patients with natural, drug-free pain management and optimized would healing. OraSoothe products are beneficial for a variety of surgical and hygiene procedures, pre- and post-treatment, and are covered by many major dental insurers.

The FDA-cleared OraSoothe product line includes the following:
Distribution of OraSoothe Wound Healing Products
  • OraSoothe “Sockit” Gel is an all-natural oral wound hydrogel in an easy-to-use syringe. Clinician and patient benefits include enhanced healing of oral wounds, drug-free pain management, an ideal alternative to analgesics and reduced post-op visits.

  • OraSoothe Professional and Hygiene Oral Coating Rinses are ideal for pre- and post- treatment of many surgical and hygiene procedures. Clinician and patient benefits include pre-treatment rinse to protect against bacteria associated with periodontal disease, post-treatment rinse to enhance healing and pain-relief (unlike chlorhexidine) and natural pain management without numbing the mouth, an excellent alternative to prescription drugs.
The distribution of OraSoothe products expands Septodont’s portfolio and continues our 90-year history of providing innovative and high-quality dental products.

OraSoothe products are available through Septodont’s authorized dental distributors. For more information, visit orasoothe.com.

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