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New VivaStyle - Professional Whitening Solutions

Posted: September 20, 2022
Edited by Dentaltown staff

LAS VEGAS—Ivoclar announces a new and improved way to sell professional whitening with the introduction of the VivaStyle Whitening Program. Dentists can start to grow their whitening sales both inside and outside their practices with a way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions.

VivaStyle features three new take-home whitening solutions designed to meet your patients' lifestyles:
  • VivaStyle LED Whitening System - a whitening pen paired with an LED light to give patients a fast, 15 minutes a day, treatment with little to no sensitivity reported in clinical evaluations.
  • VivaStyle Take Home Whitening System – a unique three step process that activates, whitens, and conditions teeth for comprehensive and safe treatment with optimal results of up to 10 shades in 10 days.
  • VivaStyle Whitening Strips – a simplified one-step solution for those patients on the go with a 91% clinical approval rating.
VivaStyle Whitening dental offices will have the ability to inventory professional whitening products to grow sales inside the practice while also receiving additional tools and resources to help drive interest to existing and potential patients. Learn how the VivaStyle Affiliate Whitening Program can boost sales and benefit your practice.

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