New Dental Marketing Agency Focuses on SEO for Dental Practice Growth

Posted: June 10, 2021
Edited by Dentaltown staff

DENVER—Denterica, a recently launched dental marketing agency, was founded to help dental offices grow their business exclusively with industry-specific search engine optimization. The agency works with dental offices across the United States to multiply new patient volume based on improved Google rankings.

“We know the dental industry inside and out and genuinely enjoy helping dental offices build business in an incredibly cost-effective manner,” said Denterica founder Seth Mendelsohn, who spent the previous two decades working in health care before transitioning to SEO work. “This is something I have a true passion for and there’s nothing better than seeing your clients find new clients, revenue streams and business growth.”

Denterica works solely with U.S. dental practices interesting in optimizing their websites and growing their patient base with SEO, content marketing and custom website design.

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