Implant Dentistry

by Drs. Arun K. Garg and Gregori M. Kurtzman with Drs. Renato Rossi Jr., Maria del Pilar Rios and La
Drs. Arun Garg and Gregori Kurtzman discuss augmenting a lateral ridge by using a decalcified cortical bone plate for implant site preparation.
February 2020
by Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MDS, PhD
Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD, discusses many of the possible reasons for implant failure, and encourages the preservation of natural tooth.
October 2019
The periapical hints at a doomed implant, but the bitewing shows another story for this 19-year-old patient. Townies discuss whether this is a defect, a less-than-ideal finish or just a misread
August 2019
by Dr. Bobby Birdi
Dr. Bobby Birdi discusses digital implant therapy, and shares cases with differing degrees of clinical difficulty.
June 2019
by Dr. Jeff Scott
Dr. Jeff Scott discusses the importance of occlusion in implants, including why bite force needs to be evaluated especially with implants, what technology can help assess this, and what dental professionals can do if they don’t have access to certain technologies.
April 2019
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
Townies offer a peer some great ideas, and a hefty bag of tricks to help with this misadventure.
June 2018
Townies discuss when and whether placing implants is worth it.
August 2018
by Dr. Gary Radz
Dr. Gary Radz discusses the indications for using open-tray or closed-tray impression techniques for implant cases.
June 2018
by Dr. Gordon Christensen
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares how, and when, to connect implants to natural teeth.
December 2018


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