Paul Edwards

by Paul Edwards
Office technology is great— if what it’s doing is legal. This recap explains how to make sure you are using your timekeeping software correctly.
November 2019
by Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards, founder and CEO of CEDR HR Solutions, discusses the legal ramifications related to employee pregnancy and maternity leave.
June 2019
by Paul Edwards
You’re fair and you try to do your best by your employees. Paul Edwards reveals when “doing your best” might not be good enough.
December 2015
by Paul Edwards
Dental school probably didn’t teach you the finer points of running a business. Paul Edwards helps you stay out of HR hot water with this critical info.
2015 New Grad Edition
by Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards of CEDR Solutions helps clear up the difference between optional benefits and legal obligations for your employees.
September 2016
by Paul Edwards
HR expert Paul Edwards shares how to use your first years in practice to become a skilled leader.
New Grad Issue 2017
by Paul Edwards
Working interviews were originally invented by temporary employment agencies as a “try before you buy” option… but are they legal? Paul Edwards shows you how to avoid trouble when making hiring decisions.
May 2013
by Paul Edwards
What are the benefits and pitfalls of buying practice number two? And when is the right time? Paul Edwards explains.
July 2014
by Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards clarifies the complex regulations for travel and seminar pay and tells you how to avoid wage-and-hour violations.
September 2015
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