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Single-Use Mouthpieces
DryShield, an all-in-one isolation system for dentistry, launched a new line of single-use mouthpieces at CDA Presents, as it celebrated its five-year anniversary at the show. While the company also offers autoclavable mouthpieces, the new single-use mouthpieces target the needs of certain hospitals, government organizations and practices that want the added convenience. They are available in pedo, small, medium and large sizes to fit all patients. The mouthpieces come in a box of 20, with each mouthpiece individually packaged.

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Orthotown Magazine

Valo Grand Corded
Ultradent recently announced the newest addition to its Valo curing light family, the Valo Grand Corded curing light. The new curing light features all of the benefits of its counterpart, the Valo Grand Cordless curing light, with the addition of a cord for a lighter weight option that features consistent and constant power output without the use of batteries.

The Valo Grand and Valo Grand Corded curing lights feature all the benefits of the Valo light, but with a 50% bigger lens—measuring 12mm. Both curing lights also come with a back-activation button for ease of use. Their broadband LEDs (395nm–480nm) keep the wand body cool to the touch while the unibody construction (each light is precision-milled from a single bar of aircraft-grade aluminum) and ergonomic shape allow for extreme durability and access to all restoration sites. Moreover, the Valo Grand curing light’s optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, uniform power to the curing site at Standard, High Power Plus and Xtra Power modes to accommodate the clinician’s preference.

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Orthotown Magazine

KaVo Kerr recently introduced Traverse, a rotary glide path file designed to simplify the process of establishing the glide path in root canal treatment. Its advanced technology helps enhance the procedural technique by creating a more tapered glide path that reduces the workload of the shaping files.

Traverse is a nickel titanium file and engineered with a triangular cross-section for better cutting efficiency and variable heat treatment technology for greater flexibility and strength. It also provides a maximum flute diameter of 1mm and a noncutting tip to reduce the risk of ledging or perforating the canal. Traverse files are pre-sterilized and offered in individual blister packs, with four files per pack. The system features a .25/.08 17mm orifice opener and glide path files of .13/.06 and .18/.06 in lengths of 21mm, 25mm and 31mm.

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