Professional Courtesy: Townie Meeting 2019: A Scottsdale Resort Recharge for the Whole Team by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi

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by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, editorial director, Dentaltown magazine

The landscape of dental meetings continues to change. Attendance numbers have dropped for many of the major meetings in part because of costs and the lack of a unique experience.

In some cases, the destination is the focus. The recent ADA meeting is a good example: Hawaii is a true paradise, but it may not be the best place to hold a dental meeting. The cost for exhibitors is high and the promise of a busy exhibit hall will be in direct competition with white sand beaches. Travel costs can make it impractical for many offices to attend with the entire dental team, and who will you know when you get there?

On the flip side, regional meetings are attractive because of the relatively low cost to attend... but they may not be enough of an escape to recharge your dental batteries in a meaningful way.

The Townie Meeting we’ve put together for next year is very much an event worth attending. For the first time, we’re holding it right in our own backyard, at the luxurious Talking Stick Resort and Casino, in Scottsdale, Arizona. In March, the weather is beautiful, so you’ll have plenty of options for leisure activities before and after the meeting. Our meeting attendees will also have an opportunity to attend a Major League Baseball spring training baseball games in the area, or to play a beautiful resort golf course outside the host hotel on the eve of the meeting. Family members can enjoy the pool, shopping, or visit OdySea, the largest aquarium in the southwest. You can even swing by Dentaltown HQ for a tour!

Attendees at the meeting are some of the same dental professionals you follow and interact with throughout the year. Townie Meeting is the official family reunion of dentistry. Step out from behind your computer and have a meal with your online mentors and friends. Social events include a welcome reception, the famous costume party, and a fabulous exhibitor happy hour.

The meeting is all-inclusive, so meals, social events and CE are all part of the registration fee.

The menu of CE courses is designed so you have an opportunity to earn up to 15 CE credits on a variety of clinical and business topics. There is something for everyone on the team, so we encourage you to bring the entire office. This is a great opportunity for a team retreat to recharge and refocus your practice in a friendly environment. Special discounts are available for multiple team members.

This community exists because of people like you, who support us with their participation online and the companies that purchase advertising in this magazine and on our website. Let's celebrate the fact that this tremendous resource will mark our 20th anniversary in 2019! We are so grateful to have a platform that connects dental professionals from all over the world.

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Please take a moment to consider this event for you and your team in 2019. If you have feedback or questions, feel free to send an email:



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