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How can dentists decrease dependence on insurers, increase revenue and profitability, and provide uninsured patients with the care they want and need? Membership plans are the answer and Kleer is the solution.

Membership plans are dental care plans that clinicians offer directly to their patient; patients pay a subscription directly to their dentist for preventive care and discounts off other treatment. Research shows that membership-plan patients are the best patients: They visit two to three times more than uncovered patients, accept treatment like insured patients, generate profits like fee-for-service patients and create a recurring revenue stream that increases practice valuation.

Kleer is an advanced, cloud-based platform that provides everything needed to create and manage a successful membership plan. The Kleer platform includes:

  • Kleer dentist enrollment app. Allows dentists to design and launch a customized membership plan in 15 minutes or less. Control the care plans offered, subscription price, office fees, discounts, exclusions and patient payment options.
  • Kleer dentist portal. Where dentists can promote, track and manage membership plans. Invite patients via text, email or social media; add members from the front desk; track member activity; and download customized marketing materials.
  • Kleer member enrollment app. Patients select and purchase a membership plan from any device, and sign-up can be completed in two minutes or less.
  • Kleer member portal. Patients manage their membership plan from any device. Members can review a plan summary, print an ID card and add family members.

The Kleer platform also minimizes administrative work and maximizes membership sales and renewals with patient self-serve tools:

  • Patients can purchase and manage their membership plans from any device.
  • An auto-renewal feature automatically sends renewal notifications and renews memberships. No need to waste time tracking down patients and collecting payment information.
  • Fast, secure, electronic payment processing ensures that patient payments are quickly and automatically transferred to the practice’s bank account.

The Kleer platform also includes customized marketing tools that can be used in dental offices for external marketing campaigns and to promote membership plans on a practice website. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit, email or call 844-965-5337.

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