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Demandforce Adds a New Tier to Its Product Line
Demandforce recently announced its shift to a tiered product offering with the introduction of Demandforce Choice Plus. This coincides with the introduction of new tools designed to help customers manage and enhance their online reputations.

The original Demandforce product suite, now known as Demandforce Choice, includes the core features upon which Demandforce built its reputation: online scheduling, appointment reminders, online review collection publishing and email marketing tools to help merchants save time, reduce no-shows and acquire more customers. The new Demandforce Choice Plus bundles those tools with new solutions for online reputation management, including intelligent reviews, multilisting management and a competitor dashboard.

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Awrel Now Offers Free HIPAA-Compliant Texting Application
Awrel, a provider of web, mobile and voice solutions for the dental market, announced that its Awrel Standard HIPAA-compliant texting application is now offered free to dental practitioners, patients, and non-enterprise users in labs, dental supply and academic institutions.

Awrel Standard can also streamline clinical and business workflow in mobile and desktop environments. This includes functionality for clinicians to exchange information, documents and images (X-rays, CTs and other scans) securely in the cloud. Awrel Standard can be accessed online at and downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

A practicing prosthodontist, Awrel founder and CEO Dr. Arnold Rosen says the company’s goal is to remove barriers to the adoption of secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging. The company will also leverage the platform and introduce new business and treatment solutions to the industry. Awrel has recently introduced advanced capabilities such as voice-assisted, guided data entry for ordering of implants, supplies and equipment, as well as integrated capabilities for intelligent conversational experiences with voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Septodont Announces New Acquisition
Septodont, a leader in dental pain management, has announced a new strategic alliance with Importaciones Dental Universitario (IDU) of Cali, Colombia.

IDU was founded in 1996 by Abraham Paramo. The company’s business model began as supplying high-quality imported dental products focused at the university-level customer. This brought greater awareness into the Colombian dental community for premium products. Today, IDU is one of Colombia’s largest overall importers and resellers of dental products.

The Septodont/IDU alliance represents an opportunity to launch the Septodont product line into a country that has been challenging to penetrate. With the ultimate goal of organically helping IDU to build on its early business successes, the alliance allows both organizations to expand their presence and expertise in Colombia.



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