Continuing Education: Is Endodontics Dying? by Dr. Manor Haas

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by Dr. Manor Haas

Course description
With the increased popularity of dental implants, there’s been a growing perception that the future of endodontics is bleak. As Dr. Manor Haas explains, however, endo actually has a bright future, and dentists are fortunate to have it as a treatment option.

Some dentists have equated the recent uptick in dental implant use with the impending collapse of endodontic treatment, saying that implants “work better” than root canal treatments. But the evidence from recent studies reveal that the success rate for endodontically treated teeth is high even a decade after initial treatment, while the growing evidence related to the incidence of peri-implantitis in teeth treated with dental implants is troubling in its own way. With improved instruments and imaging technology, root canals will remain a well-proven treatment option to preserve structurally sound teeth.

Learning Objectives
After reading this article, the participant should be able to:

1. Identify the successful outcome rate of endodontically treated teeth five and even 10 years after the original treatment in private practice.
2. Recognize the role of improved visualization, thanks to loupes and dental microscopes, in helping to identify potentially difficult and calcified canals.
3. Understand how improved nickel titanium (NiTi) files have made it easier to successfully perform endodontic treatment.
4. Consider the reported incidence of peri-implantitis symptoms in implant cases.
5. Understand how improvements in 3-D imaging technology can help determine whether a patient is a true candidate for successful endodontic treatment.

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Author Dr. Manor Haas, a certified specialist in endodontics, lectures internationally. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and is on staff at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry and the Hospital for Sick Children. Haas maintains a full-time private practice limited to endodontics and microsurgery in Toronto. Online:


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