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Dentists have many options when choosing restoration materials. The choices run the gamut from precious and nonprecious metals to zirconia and lithium disilicate, among others. Likewise, there are many types of cements to consider when using any of these materials. Cement compatibility with the chosen restoration substrate is a crucial factor in a successful placement.

The functional durability of the restoration often hinges upon the bond strength achieved by the adhesive cement. G-Cem LinkForce, a universal dual-cure adhesive resin cement from GC America, helps take the guesswork out of the process. The G-Cem LinkForce system features strong adhesion to all dental substrates in all indirect restorations, including crowns and veneers. The system is simple to use, contains the necessary components for successful placements and consists of three key elements:

• G-Premio Bond: Contains 4-META and MDP for bonding to preparations with no compromises.

• G-Multi Primer: Contains MDP and MDTP to ensure stable adhesion to restorations.

• G-Cem LinkForce: Provides a strong bond in virtually all indications.

In addition to its adhesive properties, G-Cem LinkForce has excellent color stability and toothlike fluorescence. One of the challenges dentists face when placing full-coverage crowns to treat tetracycline-stained teeth is shade-matching the selected cement to the underlying tooth structure’s color and the restoration’s optical properties. The desired result is that the restoration blends with adjacent natural dentition and/or existing restorations. The G-Cem LinkForce cement comes in four shades and is available with corresponding try-in pastes in each shade that enable dentists to preview the finished aesthetics before final cementation, ensuring an optimal blend.

The product is formulated with a high concentration of ultrafine, homogeneously dispersed fillers to deliver high wear resistance and polishability. It may be used in both light-cure and self-cure modes. When a self-cure solution is required, G-Premio Bond Dual Cure Activator (DCA) may be used to achieve high bond strength. To ensure successful seating and adaptation of the crown onto the abutment, G-Cem LinkForce offers a low film thickness of 4 micrometers, even in light-cure mode. It may be tack-cured for 1–2 seconds to facilitate easy removal of excess material.

G-Cem LinkForce may be used with many restorative materials, including stacked feldspathic ceramic, pressed leucite ceramic and lithium disilicate. It is ideal for use with GC Initial LiSi Press, high-strength pressable lithium disilicate restorations with High Density Micronization (HDM) technology.

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