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The latest offering from Investigation Discovery—the same channel that brought you murder-candy shows such as Evil Twins, Love Kills and Swamp Murders—is right up the collective dental alley. Deadly Dentists is a cringeworthy depiction of real stories of dentists who got mixed up in situations far worse than helicopter parents and PPOs. It's time to get your sleuth on and decide which are real episodes and which plots, while terrifying, might not see the silver screen.

"Concealed Abscess"
Dr. Glenn Engleman has been caring for his South St. Louis neighbors for decades, even though crime is increasing in the area. When several people close to him are killed, detectives soon discover there's more going on in his world than it seemed.

"Integration Denied"
Dr. Mark Luddite doesn't want or need anything fancy, but as pressure in the office builds to upgrade from his Windows?NT systems and make a website for the practice, this technological dinosaur is in for the fight of his life. Like heck he'll pull his Yellow Book ad—over his dead body!

"Marketing Lesson"
Dr. Curt Curmudgeon has watched his referrals completely dry up. Could it be the work of new doc in town a block away? He seems popular ... too popular. What's he hiding? Posing as a new patient, the old dentist sets out to find the truth.

"Dental Plan"
Dr. Roman Rezanowicz has the perfect marriage, wonderful kids and a successful dental practice. When it all unravels and his wife is found dead of an apparent suicide, police uncover a shocking plan filled with deceit, deception and murder.

"Local Fracture"
Dr. John Yelenic is thrilled when he meets the love of his life, Michelle. Ten years later, however, the veneer of their happy life crumbles when it's time to sign divorce papers and police are called to the scene of a homicide.

"Exhibit Hall"
Dr. Barbra Klepto can't seem to stop herself as she slides down the slippery slope of grabbing dental-show swag. At first it was just an extra cup or fidget spinner. "For my kids," she'd lie … and it felt good. Things have escalated, though; now she's dragged an entire exhibit hall booth back to her hotel room. How will she ever get it home?!



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