Continuing Education: Vision Quest by Dr. Chris Griffin

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by Dr. Chris Griffin

Course description
Increased competition is forcing dentists to operate outside of their comfort zones. While most are not equipped to become CEOs in the truest sense of the word, utilizing a solid leadership system that empowers the dental team to take ownership of practice growth allows owner-doctors to provide more of a low-key leadership role and still convey their vision for the practice.

Don't believe the lie that you must work more or become a tyrant to achieve success. You already have everything you need; the challenge is getting rid of the things you don't. Unlock the potential of a stress-free, laid-back style of leadership that empowers your team and restores balance through a fresh perspective and strategic approach. Take control and enjoy practice again. 

1. Your team needs three things to allow your ideal practice to materialize:
2. They need to know the vision of the doctor. This becomes a signpost that continually keeps the practice growing in the right direction.
3. They need a vehicle. You must create a system that allows the proper environment and culture to thrive inside your practice.

Finally, they need validation. This is the continual reminder that they have achieved your objectives and a reward for a job well done.

These "three V's" are the backbone of every great dental practice today.

Learning Objectives
After reading the article, the participant should be able to:

1. Initiate a leadership strategy that inspires action while reducing stress.
2. Utilize the VISION process that equips staff to achieve like never before.
3. Understand their options as they pertains to the continued growth of corporate dentistry in our profession.
4. Begin organizing and tracking the tasks needed to implement new ideas and procedures into the practice.
5. Understand the philosophy behind the new incentive system for dental team members described in the article.

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Author After a 2013 fire made him rethink his purpose, Dr. Chris Griffin began a mission to help dentists compete in an ever-changing landscape, avoid burnout and enjoy practice again. His strategic systems, including the Silicon Valley Bonus System, enable practice breakthroughs and lessen the burdens that cause stress through an easygoing leadership process that energizes teams and takes pressure off the doctor. Teaching other dentists how they can be more effective as leaders and inspire staff excellence without feeling the stress of micromanagement is a true passion for Griffin and is the driving force of his message. Email:


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