Product Profile: Fastbraces

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Product Profile: Fastbraces 

The technology developed to move teeth fast

Fastbraces is the technology dentists have trusted since 1992 to move teeth fast and easily—with quality—even in the toughest of cases.

Fastbraces Technology’s patents now make it possible for dentists to diagnose and treat malocclusions easily and begin seeing results even in days. Thousands of patients over the years have benefited from this innovative technology.

The major key benefit to using Fastbraces for straightening teeth is that patients see a noticeable difference within a matter of days while the dentist providers easily get the quality finish that they expect even in the toughest of cases. The tooth movement is efficient because of the method used in the restoration of the alveolar bone around the malaligned teeth. Some patients could be out of braces in about 60–90 days. This technology is becoming so popular that doctor providers even co-brand their dental offices. Many Fastbraces providers use the internationally recognized Fastbraces logo as a sign on the front of their dental office to attract more new patients and significantly increase their practice revenue.

Learn how to move teeth fast, safely and easily from the comfort of your home with easy videos in just one day or at a live seminar in Dallas where your staff can come for free too.

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