Product Profile: SureSmile Simulator

SureSmile Simulator 

Let the smile do the talking

Introducing the SureSmile Simulator, powered by DS Core. With the simulator, patients can preview their new smile before they start treatment, giving clinicians and patients even more reasons to choose SureSmile Clear Aligners.

Let the smile do the talking
Designed for chairside visualization and treatment acceptance, the simulator provides custom 3D visualizations of a patient’s possible new smile after SureSmile clear aligner treatment. This tool provides dentists with the opportunity to educate patients and show them the potential aesthetic and oral health benefits of treatment, illustrating the value of their investment.

Support case evaluations with a visualization
SureSmile Simulator and SureSmile aligner treatment are suitable even in complex cases. The simulator provides an approximate treatment duration, estimating the complexity of the case.

Enjoy a seamless workflow with the SureSmile simulator and DS Core
The SureSmile Simulator is integrated within DS Core. Easily access multiple patient records— including scans, X-rays, images and documents— from multiple devices through a web browser. Primescan scan data can also be automatically uploaded to DS Core for easy use with the simulator. Streamline the SureSmile workflow by initiating a full-service aligner order directly from DS Core after reviewing the 3D visualization with a patient.

SureSmile is a clear aligner experience that makes dentists and patients smile!

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