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Precise bonds with every drop

Introducing Rodin Bond, a multipurpose light-cured dental adhesive engineered for direct and indirect bonding applications including dentin, enamel, zirconia and dental metals such as PFM. Through the incorporation of glass filler technology, Rodin Bond strengthens the hybrid zone and permeates dentin tubules to create a strong and reliable bond.

The Rodin Bond workflow incorporates Rodin Sensiguard, a two-in-one desensitizer and primer to promote bonding, prevent postoperative sensitivity and reduce the risk of caries formation beneath the restoration. Together, the two products increase shear bond strength and adhesion to a variety of surfaces, extending the lifespan of direct and indirect restorations.

Rodin Bond and Rodin Sensiguard feature a convenient flip-top cap design to save time and provide a controlled one-drop flow of adhesive.

Also available in unit-dose configuration, this single-package system reduces the need for measurement and preserves the effectiveness of the components.

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