Online CE: Latest & Greatest by Dr. Nareg Apelian

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Online CE: Latest & Greatest

by Nareg Apelian, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

July Online CE Focus: Endodontics

Endo for GPs: Better, Faster and Safer Root Canals— Access, Narrow Canals and More

by Dr. Manor Haas
In this practical course, you will learn how you can perform root canals better, faster and safer. Many clinical tips and tricks will be demonstrated for both novice and experienced GPs who want to perform more root canals with less stress. Topics discussed include anesthesia, rubber dam use, access, microscopes, MB2 canals and management of narrow canals.

The Essentials of Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis, Safe Access and Infection Management
by Dr. Brett E. Gilbert
This course is designed to teach the essential skills needed to confidently handle endodontic emergencies in the general practice setting. The material presented will help clinicians apply protocols and tips on how to efficiently diagnose, access and locate canals safely. Infection management and postoperative instructions and communication are discussed in detail.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Finding Success With Endodontics in Your Practice
by Dr. Jason Hales
This course describes how the successful, fulfilling and profitable practice of endodontics is based upon proper case selection. Dentists performing endodontic therapy will benefit most by carefully assessing the case difficulty of a proposed treatment and then deciding when to treat or refer based upon their own clinical skill, experience and equipment needed for endodontic success.

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Simplified Final Impression Technique for Complete Denture Success
by Dr. Leif Stromberg
This course addresses the intraoral structures that are important to record in adequate edentulous final impressions. It also presents a simplified final impression technique for tissue-supported complete dentures.


Aesthetic Conservative Cast Gold Restorations
by Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III
Learn practical and concise techniques for clinical success when using cast gold restorations. Special attention will be placed on preparation designs to maintain aesthetics, simplify clinical and laboratory procedures, and allow practitioners to provide restorations of the highest quality.

Mastering Adult Minimal Oral Sedation
by Drs. Mark Donaldson and Jason H. Goodchild
This 10-part dental CE series is designed to meet the current ADA Guidelines for teaching pain control and sedation. Offering 19.5 CE hours, this series was designed to provide the necessary didactic training and patient experiences to qualify for a minimal sedation permit in states or provinces where one is required.

The Hall Technique for Excellent Pediatric Dentistry
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
The Hall Technique is a revolutionary, evidence-based, no-shot, no-drill option for the placement of stainless steel crowns. This course will further explore atraumatic aesthetic options for decayed anterior primary teeth using strip crowns with glass hybrid restoratives.

Drug Interactions Important in Dentistry
by Dr. Mark Donaldson
More than 20% of hospital admissions are attributed to adverse drug reactions. Despite dentists prescribing less than 10% of the total drugs available, dental patients might be consuming medications from the remaining 90%, which dentists may not be familiar with. Given that polypharmacy is commonplace, particularly among individuals aged 65 and above, it is crucial for every practice to view this course as essential in today’s setting.

50 Shades of Gray: Defining Radiolucency in Practice
by Dr. Parul Dua Makkar
This course highlights different types of common radiolucencies and includes an in-depth analysis of oral cancer. Learn how and when to biopsy a lesion.

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