Professional Courtesy: Vote To Drive Dentistry Forward by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi

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Professional Courtesy: Vote To Drive Dentistry Forward

by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, editorial director has been the launch pad for so many unique products and services that I lost count of the total a long time ago. On Dentaltown’s online message boards, dental professionals seek and share candid feedback, and also document examples of products they use in practice every day.

Every July, we launch the ballot for the Townie Choice Awards, an annual survey where our member-dentists select their favorite products and services in 65 key categories. [Check out this year’s TCA Product Preview Showcase for a glimpse of some of the products and services on this year’s ballot.]

I can’t list all the products I’ve discovered on Dentaltown, but I thought this month would provide the perfect opportunity to share at least a few examples.

  • Cerec. This technology was an early pioneer in digital scanning and same-day dentistry. Early users of this technology shared their enthusiasm for this concept on Dentaltown, and those discussions led to tremendous growth in the user base and were followed by numerous educational opportunities.
  • Isolite. This company launched in 2001, the early days of Dentaltown, and its unique devices have become a go-to when I can’t use a rubber dam. The company name has changed to Zyris but it’s still run by the same great team, which continues to innovate.
  • The 5-Star Challenge. The Scheduling Institute provides this free service to help you hear where your practice can do better on the phone via a mystery call. The company has won the TCA in the practice management consultants and advisers category 13 years in a row!
  • Greater Curve. Many restorative products must be seen to be believed, and this is a perfect example. See “Restoring Deep Root Caries” for one case study in which this simple product played a vital role, and a search on Dentaltown will bring up several other difficult restorative situations that were solved using it.
  • Triodent. Dr. Simon McDonald started with the Tri-Clip and later developed the V-Ring. These inventions launched the sectional matrix concept for me, and it continues to perform. While the Triodent V3 ring is now available from Ultradent, McDonald also continues to create with his current company, Rhondium.
These products and services, among many others, serve as reminders of the power of community for discovery and learning. Please complete your TCA ballot and mark your favorite products and services in the official record. The results of this survey provide a valuable resource to our members looking for alternative products or services to incorporate into their practices.

I also encourage Townies to continue sharing discoveries and asking questions about products and services you’re considering for your practice! Starting July 17, you can cast your vote for the dental industry’s best products and services. Complete your ballot at

I’m confident you’ll find candid feedback and practical suggestions here on Dentaltown. The team at Dentaltown is energized by our contributions to your professional development!

And if you’d like to share feedback on the Townie Choice Awards, please feel free to comment on this article online or drop me a line at

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