Howard Speaks: The Power of Participation by Dr. Howard Farran

Howard Speaks: The Power of Participation 

by Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, publisher, Dentaltown magazine

When I first conceived the idea of Dentaltown, I envisioned a place that meant no dentist would ever have to practice alone—a community where professionals could share their cases, questions and concerns, get real-time feedback from their peers and improve how they practice dentistry.

This print edition is only a microcosm of what’s available on, so if you’re reading this column but aren’t a verified member of our online community, I encourage you to register now. Dentaltown membership is always free, and verified members have access to a huge array of clinical and practice management content that’s been shared with—and by—your fellow Townies! There’s a trove of information to be found on—details and ideas about everything from pediatric extraction challenges to IP telephones.

Be a part of what makes us stand apart
But a community can only be as good as the citizens who create and populate it, which is why I’m now asking you to take an active role in making Dentaltown as good as it could be.

This month, we open the voting window for Dentaltown’s annual Townie Choice Awards—the only industry accolades that are decided exclusively by Townies like you. Unlike ballot-stuffng contests that encourage voters to double, triple, quadruple their votes by casting a new ballot every day, we ask you to vote only once for the items you believe are the best in the dental industry.

If you think your vote doesn’t matter, I’m here to tell you that’s not true! Last year, the winners in several categories were decided by only a few votes—something we’ll share more about this December, when we announce who came out on top this year. Voting for the 2023 TCAs begins July 17 and we depend on your participation to help make our results meaningful. Don’t rely on other people to do all the work—every vote matters, and we need to hear from you, too!

If duty to your profession isn’t enough to compel you to vote, maybe some one-on-one time with me will be. That’s right: One Townie who completes their ballot by Sept. 8 will win a podcast interview with me! (And, sure, they’ll also win $1,000 and the chance to be featured on the cover of the December issue, but c’mon—we all know I’m the bigger draw here, right?)

Register today so you can vote in the TCAs
Voting in the Townie Choice Awards is open only to verified members of the Dentaltown online community; a print subscription alone won’t get anyone access to the ballot. This helps keep our ballots safe, secure and accurate—only verified members of the dental community should be deciding these races!

So to become a part of the greatest dental community around, and to be eligible to cast your votes in the 2023 TCAs, it’s essential that you register to be an online member of Dentaltown—it’s free, always—and then complete your ballot. Please be an active part of what makes Dentaltown such an important resource to more than 265,000 registered members!  

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