Product Profile: TCS 3D Flexible Partials

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Product Profile: TCS 3D Flexible Partials 

A complete digital solution for partial dentures

Patients today know and demand more: A Google search for “partial denture” returns more than 12 million results. Patient expectations are at an all-time high. The partial must fit perfectly and be aesthetically pleasing. And not just one time—every time!

The traditional flexible partial method is laborious and requires a vast amount of skill and knowledge to produce just one partial. And if something were to go wrong, starting over from scratch is the only option.

Enter TCS 3D Flexible Partials from Utica Dental, a complete digital solution from start to finish. The partial is digitally designed, milled and finished. 3D-printed prototypes are available, and videos of the design can be shared to ensure accurate tooth arrangement. The best part (besides the fit) is having digital records of both models and the partial.

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