Online CE: Latest & Greatest by Dr. Nareg Apelian

Online CE: Latest & Greatest

by Nareg Apelian, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

May Online CE Focus: Restorative Dentistry

Laminate Veneers: Preparation Variants

by Dr. Jan Hajtó
This course covers the specifics, advantages and disadvantages of different preparation variants regarding the amount of dentin exposure presented for laminate veneers. Learn the application of various types of laminate veneers in different cases.

Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry: An Oxymoron?
by Dr. Arthur Volker
Minimally invasive dentistry is a hot topic in dentistry. Talking about taking away less tooth structure is easy, but applying this concept predictably, aesthetically and functionally is far more difficult. This course aims to give clinicians the tools needed to successfully and immediately expand the use of minimally invasive dentistry techniques in daily practice.

Treating Worn Smiles
by Dr. John Nosti
Have you been worried about treating patients who show signs of occlusal breakdown? Would you like to effortlessly add more cosmetic treatments to your dental office without the need for advertising? This one-hour CE program is designed to teach the cosmetic treatment of a worn smile from diagnosis to treatment plan execution.

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Drug Interactions Important in Dentistry
by Dr. Mark Donaldson
More than 20% of hospital admissions are attributed to adverse drug reactions. Despite dentists prescribing less than 10% of the total drugs available, dental patients might be consuming medications from the remaining 90%, which dentists may not be familiar with. Given that polypharmacy is commonplace, particularly among individuals aged 65 and above, it is crucial for every practice to view this course as essential in today’s setting.


50 Shades of Gray: Defining Radiolucency in Practice
by Dr. Parul Dua Makkar
This course highlights different types of common radiolucencies and includes an in-depth analysis of oral cancer. Learn how and when to biopsy a lesion.

Guided Tissue Regeneration: Principles and Surgical Protocols
by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
This course provides comprehensive explanations of both the biological rationale and the surgical protocol involved in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) for the treatment of intrabony pockets and defects surrounding teeth. Gain detailed insights into the scientific basis supporting GTR and learn about the surgical approach employed in these procedures.

What Is Trending in Pediatric Dentistry
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
The scientific literature demonstrating the advantages of minimally invasive treatment options is greater than ever. This course will give you an overview of the hottest topics and clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry.

Dentistry and Physical Therapy
by Dr. Leslie Hovda
In this course, doctors will gain a comprehensive understanding of physical therapy and discover the potential benefits of establishing a relationship with a physical therapist. Delve into the historical background of physical therapy, explore the components of a physical therapy examination, and examine various treatment options for head, neck and jaw disorders. Lastly, dentists will be equipped with the knowledge to effectively screen and find a physical therapist in your area for seamless collaboration.

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