Continuing Education: Front-Line Work by Dr. LeRoy Horton

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Dental Implant Continuing Education Article 

Anterior immediate dental implant strategies for general dentists

by Dr. LeRoy Horton

Course description
This CE course takes readers through a step-by-step process of performing an immediate implant placement in the anterior maxilla, with discussion of specific principles that will aid in surgical, restorative and aesthetic success. This particular protocol is a streamlined process for solo general practitioners of moderate dental implant experience who are responsible for the surgical and restorative phases.

As a young implantologist, I remember a lot of lectures seemingly created with the sole purpose of showing why anterior implants were too complicated for a general dentist. The cases presented were of beautiful people with picturesque alignment and gingival contours. The amazing results often involved a who’s-who of practitioners working as a team: a whiz-kid associate who was a master of dental photography, a surgeon who planned the surgical guide with the best software lab in the region, and a restorative specialist who went through five different provisional crowns before the in-house lab layered the porcelain numerous times on the final crown. Not many lectures opened up by telling the audience, “I’m here to teach general dentists the basic principles needed to achieve successful anterior implant therapies on your patients.” The protocol I describe is relatively minimal in nature and suitable for solo practitioners who are responsible for all aspects of therapy. This short course will teach general dentists basic principles for success with anterior implant cases.

Educational objectives
After reading this article, participants should understand the following:

  1. How to develop a diagnostic checklist of prerequisites before starting surgery.
  2. Simple extraction techniques for atraumatic removal of anterior tooth roots.
  3. Socket preparation and creation of osteotomy.
  4. Autologous platelet products in basic grafting around dental implants.
  5. Modified dual-zone therapy to improve soft-tissue thickness.
  6. Final restoration delivery and occlusion.

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Author Bio
LeRoy-Horton Dr. LeRoy Horton completed his bachelor’s degree in biology from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington state in 2003, then attained his DDS degree from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 2007. Having always been fascinated with dental implants, Horton pursued advanced training over the years, attaining fellowships and completing master’s courses. Eventually he earned his board certification as a diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. He owns two practices in the greater Seattle area and is a nationally recognized AGD instructor.
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