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Dr Mauro Fradeani

Dr Mauro Fradeani

Advances in dental technology, materials and procedures have transformed the dental profession. Clinicians face the challenges of balancing traditional means of successfully restoring teeth with a wide range of innovative techniques that are now at their disposal. The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) aims to help dental professionals overcome this challenge by offering expert insight on the topic at its upcoming Sixteenth Annual Conference.

This three-day event, entitled ‘Delivering Excellence: Tradition vs. Innovation’, will offer the chance for clinicians from both the UK and abroad to share their passion for cosmetic dentistry through a variety of hands-on workshops and engaging lectures.

Among this year’s diverse speaker lineup is Dr Mauro Fradeani, who is renowned for founding Fradeani Education, an educational project that aims to promote an Italian model of excellence in dentistry worldwide.

As a past president of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and an active member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Fradeani runs a private practice in Pesaro, Italy. This is where he collaborates with a team of dental specialists to treat complex cases involving aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of natural dentition and dental implants, applying both traditional and cutting-edge prosthetic treatments.

In particular, he focuses on carrying out minimally invasive prosthetic procedures for the application of veneers, partial restorations, crowns and all-ceramic bridges.

Fradeani’s extensive experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry ensures he is ideally placed to deliver a session at the BACD Annual Conference entitled ‘Esthetic and functional challenges in compromised dentition: balancing tradition and innovation’.

This lecture will explore the fundamentals required to achieve a satisfactory, functional and long-lasting aesthetic outcome from prosthetic rehabilitations of natural dentition. Fradeani will cover everything from treatment planning and team collaboration, to understanding patients’ needs and selecting restorative materials.

Speaking about his session, Fradeani says: ‘I believe that it’s very important to follow a systematic approach in cases of extensive prosthetic rehabilitation.

‘I will discuss what practitioners have to do to achieve the very best results, which involves evaluating all aesthetic and functional parameters before commencing treatment. I’ll also talk about how an app I’ve developed can help dental technicians ensure important steps are not overlooked as part of the overall treatment process.

‘During my session, I will explain how I experienced a “prosthetic revolution” over 10 years ago, when I started following a minimally invasive approach to treatment that ultimately changed my life. It is innovative operative protocols that enable dentists to treat highly compromised clinical situations, such as worn dentition, with minimally invasive prosthetic procedures. As a result, dentists can maintain as much enamel as possible, while achieving remarkable, long-lasting restorations. I will demonstrate how this can be done through my own cases, which should prove useful to other dentists who still use traditional methods of carrying out extensive full-mouth rehabilitations.

‘I want delegates to see patients in a different way and I hope that I can use my session at the BACD Annual Conference to change their minds with regard to minimally invasive procedures. We now have a wide range of protocols that enable practitioners to achieve optimal results, so we do not necessarily need to prepare teeth using traditional techniques. I hope that my lecture provides the information delegates require to carry out the best possible treatment.’

This lecture is sure to be one of many highlights at the BACD Annual Conference, truly embodying this year’s focus on delivering excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

‘As one of the largest dental organisations in the UK, the BACD has an excellent reputation for inviting some of the profession’s most influential speakers to the many educational events that the Academy holds throughout the year,’ Fradeani comments.

‘I’ve had the chance to present at previous BACD events and it’s a really great honour to be speaking at this year’s Annual Conference. It’s a privilege for all dental professionals to be able to attend this event and I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with delegates.’

Dental professionals can join other enlightening sessions led by top clinicians such as Dr Paolo Nardinocchi, Dr Tony Rotondo, Dr Josef Kunkela, Daniel Dunka, Dr Elliot Mechanic, Phil Reddington, Dr Oliver Harman, Dr Julian Caplan, Dr Eric van Dooren, Dr Isabella Rochietta, Dr Koray Feran and Dr Luis Bessa.

With the opportunity to explore a dedicated tradeshow exhibition, the BACD Annual Conference is certainly one dental event you won’t want to miss. Make sure you save the dates in your diary today!


The BACD Sixteenth Annual Conference 2019
‘Delivering Excellence: Tradition vs. Innovation’, 7th – 9th November 2019
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington, London

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