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“The art and science of restorative dentistry.” For this phrase to have meaning, there must exist a composite that embodies the creativity behind an aesthetic restoration and the structural integrity required for it to have years of service. Many restorative products are capable of achieving one but not the other, or compromise on each. Evanesce, which means “to vanish, to blend or fade away,” is a nano-enhanced universal restorative by Clinician’s Choice. The product was engineered to fulfill the dentist’s desire to capture the art and science of restorative dentistry.

Evanesce is available in the most popular Vita shades and three opacities: a universal opacity mimics that of the natural tooth; an enamel opacity that balances natural opacity with enamel translucency; and a dentin opacity. The ability to express one’s artistic side is achievable by using a combination of these opacities, along with the characterizing Enamel Fx shades that help replicate the subtler nuances found in many teeth. Whether a single opacity or a layered combination is used, Evanesce vanishes into the surrounding Evanesce A composite with universal appeal tooth. A long-lasting, high-shine polish is quickly and efficiently achieved, regardless of the chosen polishing method. The product allows clinicians to sculpt or adapt to a preparation without slumping and they can also thin out Evanesce to an infinite margin—minimizing finishing and polishing time.

If Evanesce’s aesthetic capabilities satisfy the artistic side of restorative dentistry, then its strength and wear resistance is the answer to the “science” side. A posterior restoration that is capable of withstanding the forces of mastication without compromising a natural appearance is now possible, allowing for a balance between function and aesthetics. With a low shrinkage rate, high filler distribution and exceptional compressive and flexural strength, Evanesce is an option for any application. Whether used in a single universal opacity or layered in a combination of opacities, this versatile product can be a go-to composite for all posterior and anterior applications. For more information, visit

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