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Meron Plus QM is a paste-to-paste resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) cement that combines superior bond strength with ease of use. Dentists are constantly looking for ways to increase speed and ease of use without sacrificing quality; however, when faced with clinical situations where a glass ionomer-based cement would make the best option (subgingival prep, patients at high risk of caries), they’re often forced to make a choice between one or the other.

Although some paste-to-paste RMGI cements offer speed, in many cases moving an RMGI cement from a powder and liquid form (which the dentist would have to triturate, or even hand-mix) to a paste-to-paste syringe delivery has resulted in as much as a 50 percent reduction in bond strength. With Meron Plus QM, Voco has increased the bond strength to 11.3MPa—nearly twice the bond strength of the leading paste-to-paste RMGI brands.

Meron Plus QM also can be tack-cured for five to 10 seconds and any excess material can be quickly and easily removed. However, one aspect of Meron Plus QM was not necessarily designed to be fast: the flexible extraoral working time. The cement gives dentists up to two minutes of adjustable working time before the restoration must be placed. While it is not necessary to use the entire two minutes, many dentists find the time useful, particularly when placing more complex restorations, like multiunit bridges.

Meron Plus QM’s low water solubility of 0.36 percent helps ensure a long-lasting, durable hold by staving off decementation caused by moisture penetration, even through the smallest of cement joints. It also features the many benefits that accompany a RMGI cement, such as high continuous fluoride release (662ppm). It is also self-adhesive and hydrophilic, so it works well subgingivally and has a low film thickness, even by RMGI cement standards, at 11.7µm.

All things considered, Meron Plus QM has an impressive arsenal of features, particularly the optional tack-cure for quick and easy cleanup combined with a high bond strength in a paste-to-paste RMGI cement. This means less chair time, less waiting, happier dentists and happier patients, who can all feel more secure that their restorations will stand the test of time despite the time and effort saved in the chair.

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