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Officite has provided dentists with effective online marketing strategies since 2002. The company helps practices grow with a full, robust web presence that goes beyond the website to bring new patients to the door. To date, Officite’s services have generated more than 800,000 new patient referrals and are used by more than 45 health care organizations.

Personalized support
Officite’s website experts provide free, 24/7 unlimited customer support if users have questions or need assistance.

Responsive mobile websites and easy-to-use editor
Every Officite website is coded for performance on the most popular devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Dentists have complete control to add content and adjust the layout of their sites with one tool allowing them to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Officite’s team of SEO experts works to push practices to the top of Google’s search results. Programs are tailored to a dentist’s area, budget and level of local competition.

Social media presence
Officite can turn Facebook into a constant source of referrals and its content helps bring new patients to the door. The company also includes multiple blogging options.

Reputation management
Instead of just reading their online reviews, dentists can take control of them. Reputation Tracker Plus puts all reviews in one place, provides analytics dentists need to succeed, triggers new review alerts and provides real-time scores.

Premium patient education
Good patient education increases patients’ knowledge, prevents complications and boosts treatment acceptance. Officite’s patient education suite is built with expert content that will help patients get all the information they need from a trusted source—their dentist.

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