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Centrix Dental’s Access Crown creates strong, aesthetic transitional restorations with less time, less hassle and less material waste.

Centrix provides clinicians with a full range of temporary filling materials, temporary cements, and temporary crown and bridge materials. Access Crown is easier and faster for the dental team while giving more shade choices at good value and low cost. With a 60-second intraoral set time and a four-minute final cure, Access Crown is 40 percent faster than similar materials. Its unique elastic polymerization characteristics enable it to be pulled from undercuts or nonparallel preps and return to its original form, making removal easier and distortion-free. The product also has a high flexural strength.

With seven shade choices and enhanced color stability, Access Crown creates transitional restorations with minimal staining. It also enables clinicians to easily try different shade choices, so patients can preview their final restorative outcomes before final case delivery.

Access Crown is packaged with Centrix’s SuperMixer mixing tips to reduce waste by three times compared with 10:1 mixers (0.3g vs. 1.0g of waste) and two times compared with other 1:1 mixing tips (0.3g vs. 0.8g of waste). SuperMixer mixing tips provide a homogenous mix for stronger provisionals.

Access Crown also takes care of the little things. No methyl methacrylate means no unpleasant taste or smell. Repairs are easy with flowable composite and no bonding agent is required. A thinner oxygen-inhibited layer makes Access Crown less sticky or tacky compared with other bisacryl materials.

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