Henry Schein Supports OSAP Campaign to Develop Patient Safety Education

Posted: April 25, 2013
ANNAPOLIS, MD — April 25, 2013 — In partnership with Henry Schein Dental, the U.S. dental business of Henry Schein, Inc., the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) is extending their patient safety campaign.  Henry Schein will include a special section within their May sales flyer where participating companies will feature selected infection control products.  As a social responsibility campaign, 5% of proceeds will go toward developing next generation educational resources.

The campaign is designed to increase OSAP’s visibility throughout the dental profession and to call attention to key infection control brands. Henry Schein and 14 leading infection control manufacturing companies, all OSAP corporate members, will participate in this campaign through May 24. The campaign will be identified by the OSAP green band in the header and footer on pages 40-45 of the flyer.

“It is very generous of Henry Schein to garner support for OSAP to develop ground breaking new tools like its iconic “If Saliva Were Red” video. We thank Henry Schein and the participating companies for their commitment to OSAP’s advocacy for the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare,” said Therese Long, OSAP executive director. “We hope all our members including clinicians, educators, consultants, policy makers and companies will help get the word out to encourage everyone to support this important campaign. There is still much work to do in education about infection prevention and safety.”

Henry Schein will mail flyers to its customers and make it available online as well.

Companies participating in the campaign are Super Sponsors Air Techniques, Crosstex, Hu-Friedy, SciCan, Sultan Healthcare and, and Corporate Members Biotrol, Certol, Coltene, DentaPure, Miele, Palmero Health Care, ProEdge Dental, and Sunstar Americas.

For the latest infection control information, guidelines, regulatory changes and resources, plan to attend the organization’s infection prevention and safety symposium in San Diego, CA June 13-15 and visit www.OSAP.org for additional compliance tools. 


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