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“The Future of Digital Dental Technology” Guest Speakers: Axel Klarmeyer & Amir Mansouri Axel Klarmeyer is the CEO at BEGO Dental and has a long-standing success story at the company, a leading dental device manufacturer with more than 130 years of tradition and dental expertise, offering...
Podcast Episode #318: Gina Dorfman - From Clinical Practitioner to CEO to Innovator Episode #318: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Gina Dorfman - From Clinical Practitioner to CEO to Innovator Today Gina Dorfman joins the show to share how she started and grew her practice, opening up about...
“Ortho for the General Practitioner” Guest Speaker: Dr. Jim Poyak Dr. Poyak is originally from outside of Cleveland, Ohio. After he graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry, he married his wife, Susan, and they moved to Virginia Beach where he served as a dentist in the...
“The Evolution of the DSO Industry” Guest Speakers: Keith Miller & Dr. Greg Kerbel Keith Miller has been a leader in the DSO industry since 2002. He helped lead a large Dental Service Organization through significant growth over the 13 years he was a principal in the business. In 2017 he started...
Dr. Tessa Miller doubled her new patient flow in 6 months. Listen in as we peel back the curtain of her success and uncover how she used marketing to gain control of her production. Listen on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: View transcript: Marketing to Control Production
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