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Qui-Gon Jinn had a strong connection to the Force and a strong interest in helping others in the galaxy. He epitomized spiritual strength. What can dental professionals learn from Qui-Gon about spiritual stength and becoming part of something greater than ourselves?  Whether you are a Star Wars...
“If I had an office in Maui and I wanted to surf every morning, I would have my office open from noon – 7pm. If surfing is your thing, then do that, make that a reality.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson What if we told you, you could work whatever hours you want? “Wait,” you say. “Don’t I have to be open 9-5...
“I was thinking of my 24 month forecast and I wrote myself a check for $10,000,000.” – Dr. Maggie Augustyn It started by writing herself a check for $10,000,000. She didn’t have the money, but that didn’t matter.  That $10,000,000 meant freedom. It meant security, and safety. It meant the ability...
How do you respond to failures as a dental clinician? Find out what it means to fail 'the right way' in this episode of The Patient First Podcast. I'm Dr. Bryan Laskin, author of "The Patient First Manifesto," and a dentist who's known plenty of failures and successes. Keep on pushing for...
“When patients have to keep coming back because the ceramic shade isn’t right it’s very frustrating for you, but moreso for your patients…this is why it’s so important for patients to know their risks.” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird As I keep repeating, your patient’s risk factors are not your problem. But...
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