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Top 3 Mistakes That Increase Broken Appointments In this Episode of the Efficient Practice Podcast, New Practice Series, I discuss the top 3 mistakes your dental team makes that Increase Broken Appointments and No-shows!  Nothing wreaks havoc on a dental office's schedule more than broken...
A DSO By and For Orthodontists Guest Speakers: Dr. Scott Law, Dr. Dana Fender, Dr. Greg Goggans & J. Hedrick Smile Doctors is the largest Orthodontic DSO in the industry formed in September 2015 by Drs. Scott Law, Dana Fender and Greg Goggans. With an eye to preserve the profession of Orthodontics...
[EP47 - 2021] Dr. Camille Dixon - Part 1 Dr. Camille Dixon knew she wanted to be a dentist from an early age. After spending ten years providing dental services to residences in nursing homes, Dr. Dixon found herself drawn to removables. She organically shifted her focus to edentulous patients...
Wisdom Learned from Other Surgeons & Advice for the Next Generation Guest Speaker: Dr. Grant Stucki Grant Stucki is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Denver, CO. He did his dental training at UCLA and his surgery training at the U of Illinois in Chicago. He spends his non-extraction...
Helping Dentists Achieve Their Full Potential Guest Speaker: Mark Costes Dr. Costes is founder of the Dental Success Institute, a company committed to helping dentists to achieve their full potential, while recapturing their passion for dentistry. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Dental Success...
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