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Hollywood Setting Unrealistic Expectations for Smiles
Researchers at American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)polled a group of 1000 adults from all over the country to gather the data about how they felt about their teeth.48 percent of Young Americans (ages 18-24)—said they just didn't like their smile even though they could not give an exact...  Read More
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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Greener Dental Office
Looking tospring clean your dental practice? These simple tips will have youon your way toa cleaner, greener office in no time!1. Use an eco-friendly cleaning service:Find a service that uses non-toxic or biodegradable products and reusable methods, like cloth rags that can be washed and used again...  Read More
SEO for Dentists: The Online Marketing Tactic Not to Be Ignored
Search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s more commonly called, is not just forlarge corporations. Businessesof all sizes, including dental practices, need to employ SEO tactics inorder to drive traffic to their business websites, and cast a wider netin order to reach more Internet...  Read More
Why You Should Stop Using Your Airline and Hotel Credit Cards - NOW !!!
If you've been putting your everyday spending on your Airline or hotel credit card, you have been wasting your spending dollars on programs that SEVERELY limit your ability to travel . Airlines and hotels are in the business of making money. Frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs are a big...  Read More
Solutionreach appointments, now with Google Now support
With smartphones out numbering feature phones, patients are expecting better integration into the technologies they use most in their lives! Today we continue our pioneering efforts in patient engagement technologies by announcing the ability for patients to receive appointment reminders in Google...  Read More
Pros and Cons of “Every Door Direct Mail”- Is it Right for Your Dental Office?
The United States Postal Service offers a type of direct mail service to advertisers. It is called ” (EDDM), and, as a savvy marketer, it is something you should definitely know about.Basically, EDDM allows you to saturate a particular mail carrier’s route with your direct mail piece,...  Read More
15 Super Foods for Super Healthy Smiles
If our readers are like me and love eating to the point they think it should be an Olympic sport and a national holiday, I have great news! In our third installment of our on healthy foods that are good for your teeth, we’ll share several foods from the different food groups that can keep...  Read More
Dental Website Usability Tips To Get New Patients
There are statistics floating around out there that up to 50% of dental practices don't even have a website. That's a scary number knowing that most everything has moved to the Internet.With that being said, for the 50% who do have websites I want to help educate you in what you should have on your...  Read More
All-on-4 Success in Bakersfield
Parel and Phillips, in the survival ratesfor 558 jaws treated with 4 implants per jaw in a patient population between2008 and 2010. A total of 2,132 implantswere placed, with only 48 failures, giving a 97.8% success rate. Of the few failures, they were 5 times morelikely in the upper jaw and more...  Read More
Why it all starts with Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
We were all taught in dental school to treatment plan comprehensively...a little too comprehensively! We all remember the class where we were given a set of casts and a list of subjective concerns, then as a group we come up with three treatment plans. I remember it taking almost a week to get it...  Read More
Causes of Bad Breath
Oral causes are responsible for 76% of oral malodor (). The main sources are: tongue coating accounts for 43% of it and periodontitis accounts for 18%The Journal of Clinical Periodontology reportedon a study from the halitosis clinic at the Catholic University Leuvenin Belgium. A protocol...  Read More
Game Changer – ADA approves 3 New CAMBRA CDT Codes
Big changes are coming for dental practices performing CAriesManagement By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). After extensive review by theAmerican Dental Association and the CDT (Current Dental Terminology)Code Committee, 3 new CAMBRA codes will be introduced in the 2014codebook!Once these codes become...  Read More
Google AdWords: Keyword Tips for More Effective Dental Campaigns
With Pay Per Click advertising, your use of keywords is the key to your success, especially with search ads. Ads are more effective when they are targeted at a very specific group of prospects. When you target specifically, you can create extremely relevant ads for that one group. Relevant ads...  Read More
What Is Peri-implant Mucositis?
One of the inflammatory reactions (not infection) around a is called peri-implant mucositis. It has been described as a disease in which the presence of inflammation is confined to the soft tissuessurrounding a dental implant with no signs of bone loss of supportingbone following initial bone...  Read More
What Is Peri-implantitis?
Peri-implantitis is a more serious disease distinguishable from the condition of peri-implant mucositis. It is characterized by an inflammatory process around an ,which includes both soft tissue inflammation and progressive loss ofsupporting bone beyond biological bone remodeling. It is present...  Read More
HuffPost Video -- Sorry I Was There
Did you ever wonder why dentistry rarely gets a fair shake in the media (and I include Hollywood in there too). The Gallup pollsters have been reporting for years that dentistry is one of the most respected and trusted professions. Yet, that's just not newsworthy...there's no story there.Tonight I...  Read More
Research shows further evidence of bacteria, heart disease link
A compound calledtrimethylamine-N-oxide(TMAO) has been found to play a role inheart attacks or stroke, according to two studies conducted within the past few years.TMAOis also a compound known for its foul smell that can cause bad breath, in very rare instances. It has a characteristically fishy...  Read More
Emotional Intelligence Better for Patient Relationships than IQ Alone
While a person's IQ typically determines how well they do in Dental School, a doctor's emotionalintelligenceis the deciding factor on how well they work with patients. This theory is being supported by a research group from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. This hasn't been...  Read More
We Can Do Better Than This!
Recently the American Dental Association reported that in 2010 only 37% of the adults in the US visited the Dentist (). Ughhhh………We can do better than this. We need to do better than this!If you are reading this blog post, I suspect that you are as passionate about helping...  Read More
Dr. John Featherstone is offering a free massive open online course on CAMBRA through UCSF!! Check it out!
UCSF Dentistry Dean John D.B. Featherstone, MSc, PhD, leads a newCAMBRA-themed MOOC (massive open online course) on Coursera, offeringdental professionals and non-professionals alike access tothe"scientific basis for caries (dental decay) risk assessment andpractice interventions," acccording to...  Read More
Laughter Is The Best Medicine!
generally makes us and those around us feel good. There are plenty of old quotes linkinglaughterwith medicine but the most famous one has to be…LaughterCan Be The Best Medicine!Everybody loves a good hearty laugh that comes from deep within. Laughing can also be contagious with those around...  Read More
Predict the future
Even if something isn't legal YET, doesn't mean you can't position your practice to jump ahead...for example BOTOX supposedly is coming soon to our area and nobody had the (city) domain.Shocking!Yar.  Read More
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Marathon man?
Our marathon outfits just came in...turned out so good my wife grabbed one to wear to the gym and my assistants are wearing them to work tomorrow. They come from China so you need to think ahead when you live in the north!Y.-our super-hygienist shows off her back logo...big and easy to read. Google...  Read More
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Consultant Tip: Go for Your Dreams
Dentists go to great lengths to try and build their practices.They invest a tremendous amount of time and money to become dentists and set up a practice by getting through college, dental school, and continuing education courses. They invest heavily in office space, dental equipment, office...  Read More
When you think of automated messaging, do you envision robocalls and endless hold music? If so, you might need to rethink your perception of automated messaging, and how it can help your dentistry practice. Not sure how automated messaging can make such a difference for your practice? Here are ways...  Read More
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