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The Importance of HR in a Dental Office
Many dentists are not adequately trained on management duties. This is partially due to the lack of HR professionals found in dental offices since most places simply merge the responsibilities of both an office and a human resource manager, which saves money on infrastructure but prevents dentists...  Read More
Practicing in Pennsylvania
As part of our series on which states to consider for practice, we offer this video.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook.  We are starting up our Twitter account at @drdemographics whenever we have a new state we are considering.  As an aside, I think my staff is having fun putting the worst...  Read More
Which OP would your patient like better? Before & After pic
Okay, so imagine this.You've been putting off getting your teeth cleaned. For a long awhile. ??It's okay. You can admit this because we've all done it at one time or another in our lives.Even dentists put off getting their teeth cleaned, or so I've been told by my brother, the dentist.And then, one...  Read More
Three Demographic Factors that Spell Success or Tragedy
There are three important factors that will spell success for a practice site.  And, no, one of them is NOT competition (which may surprise you).  Rather, they are more important and relevant to the profitability of your practice operations. Three Vital Demographic Factors  Read More
Legal Compliance/HR Best Practices Audit Series: Part 1
It is important that every practice owner conducts a best practices audit to ensure their practice is in compliance with state and federal law.Usual areas of inquiry in a compliance/best practices audit include the following: Personnel Policies Personnel Procedures Employee Handbooks ...  Read More
The Big Five: #3 Facility
By Dr. Bill WilliamsSetting the toneproperly for success means great curb appeal, beautiful signage, elegance when walking into the reception area and warmth from the concierge greeting. Our$10,000 A Day Dentistmodel revolves around the New Patient Experience, their tour of the office before our...  Read More
Dental Blog Roundup 9/28: Top Dental Blogs from Around the Web
Our collection of the top dental blog posts this month from around the web. Enjoy!1.Having trouble with keeping children calm in the dental chair? Learn more about how one dentist calms kids in his office with cartoons. Read the full post at .2. We all know that teeth can become sensitive, but the...  Read More
Episode 49: Training Your Front Office Staff With Laura Hatch
Episode 49 - Training Your Front Office Staff With Laura Hatch Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Crime In The Dental Office
Rebel Dentist Podcast S1 P In this, our pilot podcast, we discuss crime in the dental office. First we take a look at ransomware, how to protect your computer, and how to give the figurative or literal finger to the Russian mobsters who are...  Read More
Ep. 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To Your Dental Practice
Episode 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To You Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Pitfalls of Patient Registration Options: Paper, PDF, and Online Registration
The first step for every dental office in treating their patients is the registration process. This is one activity that every single office must do, and doing it well is important for the patient, the practice, and the dentist. There are a number of different methods that people use to register...  Read More
3 Reasons You Should be Cross-Training Your Office Staff
A dental office is nothing without its office staff, especially if they are cross-trained to help each other. These are the employees that arethe first to greet your patientsand thelast to interact with them, so it’s important to have them working together.Why should you be cross-training...  Read More
5 Ways to Use Treats in Your Dental Office This Holiday Season (That Don’t Include Eating)
November 5 2014 -- Patients and vendors are a crucial element of your dental practice, and we think they’re great. That being said, their thank you treats can start to weigh down your break room table (and the scale), which means it’s time for some creative intervention. Or, not so much...  Read More
How dentists profit in real estate…without even owning the building!  The gloves-off interview with Dr. David Phelps
How dentists profit in real estate…without even ow Ever hear of Donald Trump? Everyone knows Trump’s initial wealth was created with real estate investments.And most of us know a few dentists who have done the same. But how did...  Read More
Insurance Checklist for Your Dental Practice
Many times a dental practice owner will ask about certain insurance coverages and exactly what each particular type of insurance covers. Below is a list of insurance for businesses and their specific purpose:PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCEMalpractice coverage for individuals, corporations, or...  Read More
Dental Floorplan Design MAGIC – How to make it all fit
If you’ve ever wondered how the best dental designs are created, you’ll learn some of the best tips in today’s video.Today, you’ll learn: Why we use zones in our design process How to recognize a “zone” even in the middle of construction The 8...  Read More
15 Key Numbers and Trends for Today’s Profitable Practices – Interview with Jon VanHorn, CPA and Strategist Founder of Dentist Metrics
15 Key Numbers and Trends for Today’s Profitable P There thousands of distracting issues in practice ownership, which are most important numbers for you to know?In today’s interview you’ll get precise clarity on the 15 Key...  Read More
Higher profits….without ANY new patients
Higher profits….without ANY new patients Sometimes, the easiest way to grow your practice is WITHOUT any new patients.Huh?Is Jayme losing his mind?Listen to this week’s podcast episode and hear how Jayme explains a simple...  Read More
Top 2 Concerns for Future Practice Ownership
If you’re like most doctors, you’ve thought about owning your own practice.Have you thought about how your current position could be risking that future?If you hope to work in and own a new practice someday, your current employment could be your biggest danger.It’s a surprise to...  Read More
Get free instant access to a 30 minute legal training webinar from one of dentistry’s top dental attorneys.
3 Major LEGAL ISSUES – New Practices Must Avoid NOWWhat are you biggest legal questions?Get answers here (for free!)Doctors pay thousands of dollars for customized legal solutions.Now you can get high value knowledge in this webinar from Rob, a dental attorney with over 20 years experience...  Read More
LIVE dental office construction!
My team and I absolutely love helping build new offices.Its so exciting to see a doctors dream become a reality and literally come up out of the ground.Recently, we helped out in this project that will be a designshow stopper!New methods in construction can give you a high end appearance with...  Read More
The #1 simplest dental recall system is so darn easy, many practices overlook it.
Next to attracting new patients,the MOST important issue is keeping them.Patients MUST be rescheduled – everytime – or you risk losing in many, many ways.This is whyyour new practice must have a rock-solid dental recall system.We teach this to clients and now you get to use this...  Read More
You Will Never Guess What Is A $100k piece of a Dental Construction Budget?!
Sometimes a dental construction budget is blown away with the most boring of things.In this case, a driveway is the potential culprit.Click on the video and discover:1) Why creating the...  Read More
The “Right Way” To Complete Dental Office Plumbing
In the video below we’d like to show you how the plumbing may look in your new practice…before the walls get closed in!Notice the red and blue lines in these walls. They’re not copper.The copper plumbing of your parent’s house is likely a thing of ancient history (it may...  Read More
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