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1203 All things endo with endodontist Judy McIntyre DMD, MS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Growing up in sunny Los Angeles, CA, Judy McIntyre wanted to become a dentist ever since she was a little girl. VIDEO - DUwHF #1203 - Judy McIntyreAUDIO - DUwHF #1203 - Judy McIntyreShe attended the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. At Harvard, she performed...  Read More
1185 Innovations in endodontics by Richard E. Mounce DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Richard Mounce practices endodontics in Eagle River, AK. He has lectured globally and is widely published in the specialty of endodontics. Dr. Mounce has been a consultant and key opinion leader for a wide number of companies including SybronEndo, Vista, Mani, EasyEndo USA, Tun Ultrasonics, and...  Read More
1173 Dr. Steven “Dr. H” Hymovitch DDS, MBA, CEC, Endodontist, Founder, Valley Endodontics & Oral Surgery : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Over his career, “Dr. H” has developed and expanded more than twenty dental offices.  His current Tucson- and Phoenix-based dental specialty practice, Valley Endodontics & Oral Surgery, consist of ten offices, making it the largest Endodontic/Oral Surgery practice in the Southwestern United...  Read More
1089 Endodontics with David Landwehr: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
See Dr. David Landwehr speak at  Early bird pricing extended. Learn more...As a leading practitioner, and speaker, David Landwehr, D.D.S., M.S. serves as a frequent teacher at events focusing on endodontics and oral pathology. Dr. Landwehr’s ongoing work as an opinion leader has positioned him at...  Read More
1084 Discussing Endodontics with Sonia Chopra: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Sonia Chopra is a Board Certified Endodontist and founder of Ballantyne Endodontics in Charlotte, NC. When she opened her practice in 2008, her goal was to help patients understand the “why” and “how” of their procedure. She works with her local dental community to host seminars and learning...  Read More
1046 Epic Endo with Dr. Rico D. Short : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Rico D. Short- Microsurgical Root Canal Specialist- Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics- Clinical Assistant Professor The Dental College of Georgia Dr. Rico Short attended the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry (The Dental College of Georgia) to attain a Doctor of Dental...  Read More
Categories: endodontics
Single-Visit vs. Multiple-Visit Endodontic Treatment: A Review
There are differing opinions regarding single-visit vs. multiple-visit endodontics.  Some clinicians feel strongly that teeth with apical periodontitis (necrotic or retreatment) need the extra step of CaOH therapy to be successful while others are comfortable with these cases being done in a single...  Read More
Categories: endodontics
5 Ways to Make Your Endodontics Practice Successful
It’s not a secret: In addition to expertise, the clear and obvious key to a successful endodontics practice is relationships. This article shares insight and perspective from two successful endodontists—Dr. Gary Glassman and Dr. Louis H. Berman—each with decades of experience building their...  Read More
Five Year Recall on Intentional Replantation of Mx Molar
 is the intentional removal (extraction), surgical treatment of the root (outside of the mouth) and replantation of a tooth back into the extraction socket. While not a common approach, this technique can be useful for teeth that cannot be treated with traditional endodontic surgery. This procedure...  Read More
Risk Management in Endodontic Clinical Practice
Endodontics is an area of dentistry which gives rise to an increasing amount of dental board complaints and litigation. Endodontic procedures can be very challenging and technically demanding.The endodontic quality guidelines provide a statement of good practices for dentists about to embark on...  Read More
890 Endodontic Excellence with Mark A. Limosani, DMD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #890 - Mark LimosaniStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #890 - Mark LimosaniDr. Mark Anthony Limosani received his D.M.D. degree from the University of Montreal in 2007. Since then, he completed a one-year multi-disciplinary residency at the Queen Elizabeth Oral Health...  Read More
Categories: Technology, endodontics
Legal Issues in Endodontics
The following questions should be discussed as potential areas of litigation in endodontic treatment:    Was there a misdiagnosis or treatment on the wrong tooth         Did the tooth develop pulpitis and who was responsible?         Did good radiographic technique occur         Was a rubber dam...  Read More
Success with Online Reviews at SSE
Over the last year, we have been using the  system to invite our patient to leave online reviews on third party websites.  We want our patients to leave their reviews on sites that matter to the search engines.  We have found great results in building our online reputation.  With ReviewWizards, our...  Read More
Is it or Isn’t it?
This patient was referred to our Langley Endodontics office earlier this year for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment as needed, for tooth #11.Periapical Image of Tooth #11The patient was asymptomatic at the time of their visit to their dentist for routine maintenance. A history of trauma to the...  Read More
Treatment Preferences for Toothache Among Working Poor Canadians
Journal of Endodontics, 41:12, 1985-1990, 2015 A. Azarpazhooh, C. QuinonezPatient autonomy has received more emphasis in the last 20 years as we, in Dentistry, have moved from an authoritative to collaborative model of clinical decision making. The Canadian Dental Association’s Patient...  Read More
How to Prevent Local Anesthetic Overdose
I recently attended a course, hosted by the Fraser Valley Dental Society, on medical emergencies in the dental office. One of the many topics we covered was local anesthetic (LA) emergencies. It was clear from speaking with other attendees and the questions that arose with our speaker, Dr. David...  Read More
Histological Changes within Dental Pulps in Teeth with Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Periodontitis
International Endodontic Journal, 48, 95-102, 2015 L. Wan et alThe inter-relationship of periodontal and endodontic diseases has been a subject of speculation because of the close connections between the periodontium and pulp tissue in embryonic origin, anatomy, and function.  The literature...  Read More
The Cracked Tooth: Histopathologic and Histobacteriologic Aspects
In the 1970’s in North America, dentists were faced with a huge onslaught of patients with periodontal disease and caries. The large cohort baby boomers grew up in the 25 cent coke and a chocolate bar era and their dental health reflected it. Organized dentistry responded to this challenge...  Read More
Incidence of Middle Mesial Canals in Mandibular Molars After Guided Troughing Under High Magnifaction: An In Vivo Investigation
Disinfection of the root canal system is the primary goal of endodontic treatment. Schilder coined the term root canal system in the 1960’s to acknowledge the complexity of endodontic treatment. During tooth development, Hetrwig’s epithelial root sheath directs the formation of the...  Read More
The Endodontic Red Herring
The idiom “red herring” is used to refer to something that misleads or detracts from the actual or otherwise important issue. In the dental office, a red herring is a set of signs and symptoms which can confuse or obfuscate the diagnosis resulting in a course of treatment which does not...  Read More
Influence of Ferrule, Post System, and Length on Biomechanical Behavior of Endodontically Treated Anterior Teeth
Endodontically treatedanterior teeth are always of concern to the restorative dentist and endodontist alike. Anterior teeth are the most likely teeth to be affected by both accidental trauma and parafunctional occlusal forces. Anterior teeth which are biomechanically compromised, whether through...  Read More
Healing Outcomes After Obturation With Resilon or Gutta Percha
Endodontic treatment has three objectives: remove bacteria and bacterial by-products from the root canal system; prevent bacterial re-contamination from the oral environment; and entomb any remaining viable bacteria within the system.The classic endodontic triad of cleaning, shaping, and obturation...  Read More
609 Dental Urgent Care with Brian Harris and Steven Frost : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #609 - Brian and Steven Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #609 - Brian and Steven Dr. Brian Harris and Dr. Steven Frost sat down to discuss emergency...  Read More
512 Real World Endo with Allen Nasseh : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Listen on iTunesWatch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #512 - Allen Nasseh Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #512 - Allen Nasseh Ali has been an endodontic educator and clinical practitioner...  Read More
497 Energized Endodontics with Brett Gilbert : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #497 - Brett Gilbert Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #497 - Brett Gilbert Dr. Brett Gilbert received his D.D.S. and Certificate in Endodontics from the...  Read More
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