Medical Office Condo For Sale
Medical office condo for sale at 106 Elden St. in Herndon, VA. 2,488 square feet of space. For more information, contact me at (240) 372-4867.  Read More
Why You Should Get A Complimentary Lease Review (Part III)
Expansion ClausesIf your future includes plans for expansion, your  will look to make sure you have a sufficiently robust expansion clause in your lease. Here are two popular ones:RIGHT OF FIRST OFFER (ROFO)If you have Right of First Offer (FOFO) in your contract, you'll get the right to lease a...  Read More
8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part III)
8. Safely (And Securely) Dispose of Old Electronics When you're getting ready to move into your beautiful new office space, you're invariably going to come across old employee phones, laptops, and computers that have seen better days.With the advent of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software and...  Read More
8 Tips To Make Your Dental Office Relocation Easier (Part I)
One of these days, you might find yourself having to relocate your office. Maybe you lost your lease. You might even be growing at such a prodigious rate your current office square footage is no longer big enough for you.For some medical practitioners, this can be a very stressful time. That's...  Read More
The 5 Steps On Your Journey To Finding Dental Office Space (Part V)
Build-Out Design  This is where the layout of your space will be finalized, and the look and feel of it will begin to take shape. A build-out design should be flexible enough to encompass the future goals you have for your practice.Once the plans are finalized and you have had a chance to review...  Read More
The 5 Steps On Your Journey To Finding Dental Office Space (Part III)
4. Negotiating for Space Next up are lease negotiations.Although you're highly skilled at saving patients' lives, you're probably don't have any negotiating skills. And why should you? Your expertise lies in another area.That's why you should hire a  who specializes in healthcare real estate to do...  Read More
What A Dental Real Estate Tenant Needs To Know About Rent Escalation Clauses (Part II)
Types of Rent Escalation ClausesThere are a couple of types of rent escalators:Stepped Rent Escalation ClausesThis type of rent escalation allows your landlord to increase yourrent at specific intervals. For example, you might pay $30 a square footin year one, $31 in year two, $32 during year...  Read More
Dental Real Estate Seminar in Virginia
30 dentists enjoying the dental seminar sponsored by HPRG and others. Lots of great information was shared in Tyson's Corner, VA that evening!  Read More
Dental Seminar on June 4th
THIS EVENTS EVENT IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! I can't wait for June 4th. Stay tuned for an exciting event in the fall!  Read More
What You Should Know Before Doing A Dental Office Build-Out (Part V)
Plan Ahead It can take months to find a team who can breathe perfect life into your dream and do justice to your vision. That’s why it’s imperative you start the planning process as soon as you can.Whatever type of space you decide on, it’s important to make sure you devote enough time to the...  Read More
What You Should Know Before Doing A Dental Office Build-Out (Part III)
Know the Different Types of SpacePart of estimating costs is knowing the type of space you’re moving into. There are three types. This is part III of a series.The first kind is shell space. Shell space refers to an exterior shell of a building that’s left in a deliberately unfinished state. It has...  Read More
What You Should Know Before Doing A Dental Office Build-Out (Part II)
Don’t Underestimate CostsThis is part II of a series. Part III will be published on Friday.  It isn't exactly cheap to build out medical office space.Unfortunately, medical practitioners often underestimate these costs, causing problems down the line. But this doesn’t mean costs have to spiral out...  Read More
What You Should Know Before Doing A Dental Office Build-Out (Part I)
This is part I of a series. Part II will be published on Wednesday.When you're looking for office space, you're going to end up having to do some work to it. It might even need a complete top-to-bottom redo before you can move in and make it yours.This is what’s called a “build-out,” to use the...  Read More
14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part VIII)
13. Your broker is a creative problem solver. A good broker is a creative problem solver par excellence.You’re a medical professional with a problem that needs solving. That is, how to find office space perfect for your needs. Not only that, but how to get it a fair market price. And after thinking...  Read More
14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part VII)
11. Your broker has experience. Negotiating leases is a very complex task. When you’re attempting to navigate this confusing landscape, you can’t afford to go it alone. Nothing can replace the value of having a broker with years of experience. Sure…you might be able to find some possibilities for...  Read More
14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part VI)
This is part VI of a series. Part VII will be published on Monday. 9. Your broker’s an expert negotiator. A good broker has spent years perfecting his negotiating skills. And because he has, he’ll fight hard to get you the deal you deserve.A real estate professional negotiates deals day in and day...  Read More
14 Signs You Chose The Right Dental Real Estate Broker (Part III)
This is part III of a series. Part IV will be published on Monday.3. Your broker leaves a great first impression from the get-go. A good broker listens to you without immediately going into his “spiel." In fact, he won’t even have a “spiel.” He’ll listen to you, with all the attention that’s your...  Read More
Why You Need Both A Broker And A Lawyer When Buying Or Leasing Dental Office Space
Buying or leasing space for your dental practice is a complex process. That’s why you need BOTH an attorney and a broker during these negotiations.A broker is the middleman between you and the owner.He’s an expert in commercial real estate and keeps abreast of current market conditions. Your broker...  Read More
Should You Buy or Lease Your Dental Office Space? (Part III)
This is Part III (and the final part) of my series on leasing versus buying your dental office space. Putting Together Your “Dream Team” To Help You Make The Right DecisionTo make any important decision in your life, you need to put together a “dream team” of people who’ll be there to advise you...  Read More
8 Things to Think About When Negotiating Your Dental Lease Part IV
As promised, here's the fourth and final part of the article. Think of a tenant rep as an experienced captain who’ll guide you through the treacherous waters, shark-infested waters of tenant/landlord negotiations to find the space that’ll have the least negative impact on your bottom line.7. Have...  Read More
How to Select the Best Location for Your Dental Practice
Location is EVERYTHING when selecting one for your new dental practice. Its importance is often underestimated. The ideal location is one where there’s enough demand for the kind of practice you want to have. When choosing a location, think about how that location will help you grow your practice....  Read More

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