103 (1 of 2) - THE RESEARCH IS IN! Why Being Out of Shape and Unhealthy Is Hindering Your Success & Costing You Tens-of-Thousands of Dollars Annually
The Research Is In!  On today's episode of the Get Clients Now podcast I'm kicking off a 2-part series with former Corporate Healthcare CEO (turned Celebrity Fitness Coach) Mary Schrank of Team Faithfully Fit, LLC.In part of #1 of this interview (today) ... Mary and I talk about compelling research...  Read More
"Must Do" HR Compliance Checklist Series: Employee Policies and Procedures
It is important to conduct a regular review of your HR (human resources) procedures to ensure compliance with the law and prevent employee lawsuits. The checklist below features key steps for evaluating your management practices. All company policies and procedures must comply with federal and...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #37: Do I Need To Give Myself Permission to Thrive?
Have you ever abandoned an ambitious goal because you felt you were not worthy or perhaps you were fearful of taking the necessary steps? You may desire to experience a certain type of lifestyle, accomplish something that has personal meaning, or simply to prioritize your own needs more than you do...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #36: Do My Beliefs Support My Goals?
Our beliefs are formed from life experiences, which include upbringing, cultural background, and the environments we were immersed in. These beliefs are concepts that we hold to be true, without positive knowledge or proof. Beliefs form our guiding principles and are often expressed through our...  Read More
 Dental Microscope - YES YOU NEED IT.
The modern dental microscope has revolutionizedthe way dental procedures are carried out. Using a microscope greatly expands the limits of visualization. In modern dentistry, visualization is the key to better dentistry. Better dentistry builds happy patients that bring more happypatients. The...  Read More
How To Improve Cash Flow For Your Dental Practice
Cash flow can be a challenge when you are trying to run the clinical side and the business side of your practice. Even when you have a dedicated front office person that helps manage the cash flow of your office it can still be an overwhelming task that can take a lot of effort and focus. Having...  Read More
What Makes a Great Team?By: Dr. Mike DolbyGreat people make a great team, right? That’s true, but it depends on how youdefine “great.”Unfortunately, many dental practice owners get it wrong. They assume a greatteam member is someone who has a vast amount of experience with your...  Read More
Can you imagine a champion golf pro saying: “After I pick out a new outfit, meet with sponsors, attend the press conference, and sign autographs, then I will go practice my swing for the upcoming tournament.” Absolutely not. Well, that’s what many entrepreneurs do. They say:...  Read More
A Day With Howard Farran From Dentaltown… Some Pearls...
I had the pleasure of spending a day listening to Howard Farran share just a small part of his Dental Knowledge with a group of Dentists in Sydney last Saturday:Here are some of Howard’s pearls.Not all of them.I’ve also included my take [as well] on some of these...  Read More
Have you ever looked over at someone at a meeting or networking event with a desire to go and speak to them, thinking thoughts like: ‘Why would they talk to me?’ or, ‘What do I have to offer them?’ Instead of approaching them to discuss potential business or mentorship...  Read More
Entrepreneur's TIPS #13:  How to Identify What I Need in Order to Get It Done!
Think about a project or action that has been left undone for far too long. Perhaps, you’ve thought about it several times and even started to work on it. Still, it’s over there – maybe out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. In fact, every time you think about the project...  Read More
Entrepreneur's TIP #11:  Capture the Essence of Your Success
As entrepreneurs, we rarely come up for a breath. We conquer one challenge after another often without even stopping to relish our “becoming.” Yes, with each conquest we become more – more aware of our strengths, more courageous, more skilled, more known, and more self-assured....  Read More
This Dentist Sacked Half His Patients!!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day out in Sydney entertaining a good Dentist friend of mine who was visiting from the USA.And as we walked, and wined and dined, he shared with me his dental story.And I wondered, as I listened to this story, I wondered how many of us would be brave...  Read More
The #1 metric for practice success
When we talk to dentists about their practice they are oftenconcerned because they have no real feel for their data. Usually they have goneto a seminar or talked to a consultant and have heard about all the variedreports they should be running to monitor their practice. In reality 80% ofpractices...  Read More
Continuous Improvement: Unnecessary Motion
Then she tried to sit on my lap while I was standing up – Philip Marlow, The Big Sleep (1946)He never asks for a second favor when he’s been refused the first. Understood? – Tom Hagen, The Godfather (1972)I killed him for money and for a woman. I didn’t get the money and I...  Read More
Dental Coach, Dr. Bob Willis' Bold Biography Podcast
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Willis: Envision how you want your practice to operate, then get the right people on board to support you. If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? If you are going to buy a practice, if its your startup practice, buy the one...  Read More
One Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel....
One of the things that I find and see as I meet with dentists and their teams around the world is that there are dental offices out there where not all members of the team are on the same page.“On the same page” means the team all has the same agenda at the same time.In business, and in...  Read More
Customer Service Eyes. Can You Grow Them Or Are You Born With Them?
We all want and need employees with Customer Service Eyes. And Customer Service DNA.Speaking personally, I don’t believe that I was born with Customer Service Eyes. Or Customer Service DNA either, for that matter.Nobody is.I believe that Customer Service Eyes and Customer Service DNA are...  Read More
Best month in 25 YEARS!!
Posted onMy absolute favorite thing about helping dentists to improve their lives and practices is when I get success stories.Today, one of my private coaching clients and Elite Practice Mastermind members, Dr. Aaron Nicholas from Burtonsville, MD shot me a text letting me know that he had just...  Read More
The United States is celebrating 237 years of freedom since declaringindependence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This Declaration ofIndependence was founded on the premise that all men (and women ofcourse) are created equal, and that we have unalienable rights, namely:Life, Liberty, and the...  Read More
Branding Strategies for Dentists: Why It’s More Than Just Advertising
As marketing guru John Jantsch says,branding is the art of being knowable, likeable and trustable. To be knowable, a dental practice has to be both visible and noteworthy; people have to know the practice exists, and as if that weren’t enough of a challenge, they also have to remember the...  Read More
Happy Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day Townies!In celebration, we've compiled 10 super simple ways for your dental practice to go green. If you're interested in how being green can jumpstart your practice, take a look at EDA Co-Founder on The Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez:Are you excited yet?Just today, for Earth Day,...  Read More
3 Ways Social Media Helps Market Your Eco-Friendly Dental Practice
You already know how well the demographics and psychographics of eco-aware consumersalign with the demographics and psychographics of “ideal” dental patients. Study after study shows that environmentally friendly consumers are well-educated, extremely health-conscious, top income...  Read More

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