#93: How to Promote Dental Implants
How do you promote dental implants? Where do you start? What demographics do you go after? How do you frame your message? All this and more in our newest episode of Dental Marketing Mastery.#93: How To Promote Dental ImplantsDownload: iTunes: Stitcher: Podcast Highlights:    Where to start ...  Read More
3 Easy Steps to More Google Reviews
Google reviews are heart of your practice online. These reviews help consumers decide who to trust and who to avoid. It may very well determine whether they take action and click on your website or continue their search for another dentist. Lets look at the three errors to getting reviews,...  Read More
#41: Referrals! How to Ask, Reward, and Incentivize | Dental Marketing Mastery Podcast
How do you best ask your patients for referrals? How do you reward them, and how do you create incentives to do so?ListenPodcast Highlights The importance of internal promotions Avoiding the state board Types of relationships Transactional Relationships Social relationships ...  Read More
[VIDEO] How do I promote using internal promotions?
You would be surprised about how little your patients know about the full breadth of what your office does. Solve this problem with internal promotions.  Read More
The Hygienist’s Role in Internal Marketing with Shannon Richkowski, Director of Hygiene Mastery
Shannon Richkowski, Director of Hygiene Mastery is interviewed by Kim McGuire in the first of a Podcast series on Peak Performing Hygiene Teams. In this episode, Shannon describes the areas the Hygiene Team can be most impactful when it comes to Internal Marketing. ...  Read More
Never Squander a Relationship With Your Client
At the start of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression (2007), CEODentist presented a series of workshops, articles and training sessions based on the book, "Acres of Diamonds" and the principles of creating "Raving Fans" and "Patients for Life". As a result, practices not only...  Read More
Exceed Patient Expectations And Reduce Your Divorce Rate
It’s sad to say but most people actually come into a dental office expecting the doctor to be running late in getting to them. They expect problems with their bill. They expect difficulty in getting appointments convenient to their schedule.What if you decided, “In my office,...  Read More
The Art of Asking for Dental Patient Referrals
My guess is that is you are reading this blog post, you have yet to master the art of referrals. There is a “right way” to get dental referrals, and there is a way that isn’t as effective.Let’s take a look at what it takes to master the art of referrals and grow your...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice Marketing a Waste of Money?
Dental marketing is not limited solely to bringing new patients into the practice. In fact, it encompasses the entire patient experience from the moment they begin their online research, totheir first appointment throughfollow up and beyond.Many dentists initially fail to see a positive return on...  Read More
Growing Your Practice Through Patient Referrals
Everyone wants to know how to attract new patients. Dentists often spend big money on external marketing and promotional activities, but did you know one ofthe most effective ways ofincreasing new patient flow starts with your existing patient base?Asking current satisfied patients to refer their...  Read More
The True Value of PPC Marketing
I have worked in a number of dental offices since 1995. My "neck of the woods" here in Indiana is unique. Your particular demographic is also unique. I can guarantee that my northern Indiana market exhibits far different demands than your local market. Each and every demographic sample is "stamped"...  Read More
Dental Practice Marketing: 5 Reasons to Get Your Team Involved
Nothing keeps the dental practice moving forward like having staff meetings or morning huddles. Gathering the team together can open the lines of communication, and keep the staff abreast of new marketing tactics. When I’m consulting with my dentist clients, I remind them of the importance of...  Read More
Thought for the Weekend
The Dual Representation topic we touched on yesterday is a pretty important one so if you missed that post, thus far. This post is going to be a part of a series of posts over the coming weeks that will hopefully help you understand a bit more about how the dental practice transitions firms work...  Read More
The Power of Talking to Strangers
As children, we are taught to never to talk to strangers. Our parents weren’t trying to isolate us or make us antisocial; it was merely seen as a reasonable precaution taken to keep kids safe. Fast forward twenty or thirty years, and an unintended consequence of the "stranger danger" mantra...  Read More
Personalizing Your E-Communication Strategies
I often hear from my dentist clients that they worry that they are losing “the personal touch” when automating their patient communication withlike email and text message appointment reminders. Good customer service certainly requires personalization, but the reality is that technology...  Read More
What Dentists Must Know Before Spending Another Marketing Dollar
Some dentists think of marketing as though it is a magical faucet. They believe they should be able to implement a new tactic, snap their fingers and get magically get 100 new patients through the front door. The truth is that marketing is a real faucet, and the laws of physics apply in that you...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Patient Relations
One of the things patients appreciate more than anything else is being remembered and called by their name. If you want a positive and immediate response from someone, just use his name. Our friends know us by name, but strangers don't, so if you call a patient by his name, this is really acting...  Read More
Scoring Beyond the Bullseye with PPC Marketing
Searchers within your local market are looking for your dental services. Attracting and targeting them requires a multifaceted effort with good tools and reasonable skill. Ultimately, you need a good bow, straight arrow, trained technique, smooth release, light wind, and still target within the...  Read More
A Toot for Products That Work
Dental marketing can always provide a needed boost when properly applied. There are never any guarantees but properly timed and tested methods can always provide that higher probability of success.Enter Viva Referral Cards. I have no connection with this company other than we currently use their...  Read More
Dental Practice Marketing: Consistency Matters!
Consistency. As dentists, you constantly remind patients of the value of consistency…regular brushing and flossing --and keeping their recall appointments. As business owners, we also intuitively know that consistency matters.So why is it so hard for us to take our own advice?When it comes...  Read More
The Big Three for Me and Thee
The highest level of achievement for any dental practice is patientretention. If your patientretentionmachine is functioning properly then practice growth and market penetration are a certain commodity. It's not so much thatacquisitionis unimportant but a fully functioningretentionmachine will...  Read More
Internal Marketing: New Patient Referral Protocol
ACCOUNTABILITY• Assign this protocol to a specific employee so there is accountability.REFERRAL CARDS•Have at least a thousand referral cards printed offering new patients $50.00 off dental treatment. See attached examples. If you don’t already have a printing company, Google...  Read More
Watching Your Back Door for Marketing Success
Our dental practices have two very important doors. One of them is meant to remain open (our front door) while the other should always be closed (our back door). Our back doors were never intended to be open and yet many dental practices ignore this one very important "thruway" when marketing their...  Read More
Three Key Components of a Dental Business and Why Most Dental Offices are Missing Two of Them
In his book,No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits, Dan Kennedy says that the number one imperative governing a business’s profits is having the most effective marketing, to attract new customers, to optimize the value of customers, and to rescue lost customers.And by marketing, he...  Read More
Crown and Bridge Marketing by the Dental Hygienist
Crown and Bridge Marketing by Dental HygienistDental hygienists are usually the first ones to see a patient with chief complaints. These may include fractured teeth, caries, spaces created by missing teeth or defective anterior restoration, all of which can be restored by crowns, inlays, onlays or...  Read More

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