Fluoride: What to Use and When!
Last week I wrote about the “F” word. Yes, I decided to give this word a negative connotation because so many people; dental professionals and the public, are against the use of fluoride. Who are we to tell our patients they can’t use something that we know may reverse a type of disease they have...  Read More
Growing your patient base, the organic way!
Initial days of starting a practice are exciting. There are new patients who are happy to discover your practice and who you are happy to connect with. Over time, the new patient numbers start falling. One of the reasons for this is that when you start a practice, there is naturally some marketing...  Read More
Data safety for you dental practice: The whys and hows!
Data theft has been making the news quite a bit off late. Dental practices manage sensitive patient data and are also responsible for data security as per HIPAA guidelines. These regulations have added a lot of operational hassles with a lot of effort going towards ensuring compliance and allaying...  Read More
Reputation Management for Dentists: Yay or Nay?
Reputation is an unavoidable aspect for a business, be it a new one or well established one. Maintaining a good reputation for your dental practice will go a long way in helping acquire new patients and improving revenue. Here we will investigate how you can exponentially increase your client base...  Read More
4 Ways to prime your team to embrace change
Building a team is a long and demanding task which requires time, patience and dedication. But once your awesome team has been built, managing them will be as smooth as the night sea.The only time when it gets rough is when there are changes to core workflows or the system as a whole. It is true...  Read More
7 Ways To Supercharge Your Insurance Management Game
Insurance management and filing claims are some of the most tedious and maybe redundant workflows in dental practices, if not done right. Since it is a task that decides when a patient’s payment is completed and in extension the revenue cycle, it goes without saying that the workflow must be...  Read More
What Most Successful Dentists Are Doing Right
Dentists go to dental school to be a clinician. Most dentists do not go to dental school to become a business owner.Dental schools do not provide much education on business and owning or running a dental office.The reason why successful dental practices are profitable and have little employee...  Read More

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