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Episode 7- Top 5 Things to Look Out for with Buy-ins
In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about dental practice buy-ins, including their “Top 5 Things to look out for with Buy-ins.” This show contains a lot of useful information for anyone who is considering selling their interest in a practice, as well as those looking to buy-in: issues of control,...  Read More
Episode 4 - Dental Office Real Estate with Special Guest Brian Madden
The Dental Amigos are excited to host their Philly amigo, Brian Madden. Brian is a commercial real estate agent with Carr Healthcare Realty which is a commercial real estate firm that provides tenant and buyer representation services for their dental clients around the country. In this episode,...  Read More
Knowing your Value and Strengths with Dr. Alister Man DMD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we chat with Dr. Alister Man, DMD on the importance of knowing your value and strengths as a Dentist in your practice. Knowing what sets you apart and when to outsource cases when need be.  In this episode you will hear about: -What motivated him to...  Read More
86: When You Are Going Through ANY Obstacle Or When Things Seem So Unfair… Listen To This! W/ Dr. Gregg May
We are at episode 86 and ohhhhhh boy is this episode one EVERY SINGLE ENTREPRENEUR should listen to! Especially, dentist who own their own practice OR if you are looking to own one in the near future. I pick the magnificent brain of Dr. Gregg May, and he is the definition of hustle, grit, and never...  Read More
114: Dr. Danielle Davis | 901 Dental
Have you ever wondered how the first 12 days of a dental practice go? How production would a dental practice owner make in 12 days? What’s their expenses look like? How many new patients are flowing in so far? What is the biggest roadblock you will hit in the first 12 days? Well… Dr. Danielle Davis...  Read More
108: Dentsply Sirona | Matt Ehrenstrom
Greeting TDM Family from Salzburg, Austria!  Episode 108 has made it to the podcast. This episode is really something special, especially if you are a start-up or looking to start your own dental practice soon! I interview the wonderful Matt Ehrenstrom from Dentsply Sirona. He is basically the New...  Read More
104: Meridian Campus Family Dental | Dr. Joshua Carpenter
Talk about a rough start for my guest’s dental practice: Dr. Joshua Carpenter! In this episode we discuss his whole process on how he started his dental practice…. and then…. how the military came down on him and told him to stop! Can you imagine that, the military telling you to stop practicing...  Read More
103: How The Founder Of OperaDDS Grew His 800sqft Practice.. Into A 3 Story, 11 Operatories, Dental Practice
It’s episode 103! If you are tech at ALL…. then this episode is for you! I get to interview the amazing: Bryan Laskin, founder of many companies, but you probably know him or WILL know him from OPERADDS. Tune in to hear how he had a problem (that many dentist have) and how he created a solution for...  Read More
99: Voices Of Dentistry – Why Downsizing May Be The Best Thing You Can Do To Grow Your Practice
Episode 99 is here! In this episode I am at Voices of Dentistry interviewing: Dr. Justin Bhullar. Such an awesome and great guy, it was truly a privilege to interview him and really ask him questions that I KNOW many of you want to know! In this episode we discuss how he acquired and help start so...  Read More
91: How Dr. Kenny Wilstead Is Bringing In 140 New Patients Per Month And Skyrocketed His Collections.
You are now tuning into one of the best podcast out there! The Dental Marketer Podcast! Thank you so much for listening to episode 91! In this episode I interview our amazing guest: Dr. Kenny Wilstead. Now, Dr. Wilstead has a remarkable story that he shares with us. He didn’t just graduate from...  Read More
The Evolution of Organizational Anarchy
To be completely honest, there was a time, early in my career, when I rejected the idea of establishing practice values and a practice vision.The whole idea struck me as being some kind of “hocus-pocus.” “Don’t waste my time!” and “Let’s talk about what really matters,” I told my first practice...  Read More
Mastering Dental Insurance 101 with Teresa Duncan
Mastering Dental Insurance 101 with Teresa Duncan Listen to the full episode at   Read More
A lot goes into owning and running a dental practice. Even if you can provide your patients with the best quality care when it comes to oral health, it is easy to spread your attention thinly in handling everyday operations that you end up neglecting the other essential element of a great dental...  Read More
A Good Dentist is more than Good Dental Procedures
Please read on if you think a dentist only sells a product.In the end, the world’s greatest crown, filling, or endodontic procedure fail to compare to the experience we provide for our patients. The experience is what compels patients to stay for a lifetime while referring their friends and family....  Read More
Better Dental Patient Care Goes Beyond Treating Symptoms
Better Dental Patient Care Goes Beyond Treating SymptomsHow often have you felt like your dental practice is becoming a “repair shop?”It’s been a growing concern for us and for many dental practices—when we see our patients, it’s often already too late. Due to a variety of reasons, patients are...  Read More
 How To Acquire A Dental Practice Part 2
How To Acquire A Dental Practice Part 2 Listen to the full episode at  Read More
How To Acquire A Dental Practice 101
How To Acquire A Dental Practice 101 Listen to the full episode at  Read More
How Dental Staff Members Can Reduce Risk
Dentistry is a team business. In a dental practice, staff members are extremely important in every aspect, which includes their ability, whether directly or indirectly, to manage risk.Dental assistants make clinical procedures safer for patients and increase a dentist's productivity. Dental...  Read More
"Must Do" HR Compliance Checklist Series: Employee Policies and Procedures
It is important to conduct a regular review of your HR (human resources) procedures to ensure compliance with the law and prevent employee lawsuits. The checklist below features key steps for evaluating your management practices. All company policies and procedures must comply with federal and...  Read More
Episode 4 Dentagraphics
Episode 4 Dentagraphics Visit our websiteShow Notes:Kent Miller is President of Dentagraphics. Dentagraphics is a dental demographics company helping dentists to locate their practices and assess market opportunity. They do so by analyzing...  Read More
In the dental jungle there are thousands of success stories. Let me introduce you to our guide an elite dentist, a peak performer, in our dental industry. His name is Dr. Frank Frederickson.DENTAL HYGIENE DEPARTMENT/TEAM EMPOWERMENT - MAXIMIZING YOUR CAPACITY INSIDE THE DENTAL JUNGLEDr. Carley...  Read More
Episode 60: Choosing The Right Location For Your Dental Practice With Scott McDonald
Episode 60: Choosing The Right Location For Your Dental Practice With Scott Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Episode 58: Recreating The Patient Experience with Dr. Cole Brenny
Episode 58: Recreating The Patient Experience with Dr. Cole Brenny Content originally appeared at:  Read More
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