Episode 80: How To Invest In Your 401K The Right Way If You’re A Dental Practice Owner With Tom Zgainer Part II
Episode 80: How To Invest In Your 401K The Right Way If You’re A Dental Practice Owner Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Retirement Plan Cost Calculator
Ever wonder what your retirement plan total cost over time is?  If you have an asset-based fee component, the cost of your plan will increase exponentially, and eventually you will be paying significant money for nothing. You can estimate the actual cost of your 401k and/or a Cash Balance plan over...  Read More
Episode 33: Makin' it Rain with Rob James
Wannamake it rain? Rob James will show you the way. On today's podcast, wehave a good friend of ours, Rob James, tell us all about financialplanning for you, your practice and your employees. We go everywherefrom Rob's secret hobbies to investments to life insurance tomotorcycles.Thank you, Rob,...  Read More
Small Practice Retirement Plans: How They Are Different
At first glance, the only difference between small practice and large company retirement plans is the number of participants. Everything else would seem to be identical – both plans have a Third Party Administrator, a record-keeper, a custodian, an investment adviser, mutual funds,...  Read More
197 Corporate Retirement Plans with Tom Zgainer : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Your 401(k) might not be as cool as you thought it was.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #197 - Tom Zgainer Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #197 - Tom Zgainer Howard and Tom discuss plan...  Read More
Retirement Plans for Solo Owners and Contractors (no employees)
Retirement plans for solo owners (no non-spouse employees) and contractors: - See more at: plans for solo owners (no non-spouse employees) and contractors: - See more at:...  Read More
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Retirement Plans
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about retirement plans, whether you are an employee, contractor or a practice owner.1) Retirement plans for employees (hospitals, universities, other practices):2) Retirement plans for small practice owners:3) Retirement plans for solo owners (no non-spouse...  Read More
Is it Time to Upgrade Your Retirement Plan?
It is part of human nature to avoid disturbing something that works well: “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”. While this can be a sound rule of thumb, when applied to retirement plans, it is exactly the opposite: if you haven’t had your plan reviewed by an...  Read More
Looking to open a retirement plan (or want someone to review your existing plan)?  We can help.
As your revenues and profits increase, so do the taxes you pay on your earnings. If you are considering opening a retirement plan for your business to minimize taxes, you are on the right track.  There are three major reasons for opening a retirement plan:    Provide a valuable perk to your...  Read More
The best 401k plan: pooled or participant-directed?
When we talk about retirement plans, specifically the 401k plans, we always have in mind participant-directed plans in which all plan participants get their own personal account and are responsible for managing their own investments. It turns out that participant-directed plans aren’t the...  Read More
Hiring a Fiduciary Adviser for Your Retirement Plan
Fiduciary liability and hiring a fiduciary to run your planThe best way to helpyourself and your employees achieve better investment results is tooffer individualized investment advice. When hiring an adviser for yourplan, there are several things to keep in mind:1) A 3(38)investment manager is the...  Read More
How to Run a Successful Retirement Plan: A Guide for Medical and Dental Practices
Whether you have an existing plan, looking to open a new plan or upgrade the plan you already have, there are four things you need to consider that can significantly improve the quality of your plan: having the right plan design, minimizing plan cost, managing your fiduciary liability as a plan...  Read More
A Primer on Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
 So you are now ready to open a retirement plan for your business.Whether you are looking to minimize taxes or provide a valuable perk toyour employees, there are many different choices available depending onwhat you are trying to accomplish. Which plan should you open? SEP IRA?SIMPLE IRA?...  Read More

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