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Dental implants in Gliwice (Poland)
If you respond to dental appointment with fear, anxiety and stress, you are not alone. There are some types of mental fibers in about 80% of the population, but they have dental care.  is the better choice always.It is important to face fear for long periods after taking care of the dental because...  Read More
Categories: dental, business
Should Associates Have Actual Ownership in the Practice? With Eric Nuss
Let's start there. I think before you even go there, whether they should or shouldn't, I think you've got to question, what's the motive? Why do I want to give up equity in my business/practice? What am I getting in exchange for that? So by giving up equity in my business, I'm diluting my own...  Read More
How Stormlikes is the way to grab the followers
This is a business owner who uses Instagram but it is rare to talk with more followers than not. Some can say that numbers are not important and they belong to "quality followers" only. However, it is usually the only one who is making this argument.  will tell you how to grab more followers. Why...  Read More
Categories: business, dental town
The Four Building Blocks of Every Successful Practice
Today I want to talk to you about the  There are four building blocks upon which all privately owned businesses are founded. They exist whether we pay attention to them or not. Most of us can't take the time to see this because we're stuck on the treadmill too busy trying to make money. So let's...  Read More
Cases Of Success On Instagram 2019
There are a lot of pages on Instagram which have gained a lot of followers over the period of time, and it’s quite cool that we also have their stories available on platforms, through which dentists can get to learn a lot of things, and implement it in growing your account to . I hope, you do,...  Read More
Categories: business, Instagram, grow
Do You Have Staff or Team? With Sameer Bhasin
.  One of the  things we've experienced in this is that staff sometimes is a result. Sometimes it comes from the way that we as leaders treat them and how we view them. Do we view them as smart and motivated, or do we view them as stupid and lazy or somewhere in between where they're just not going...  Read More
From Hostage to Freedom with Shelley Renee
Let's start with the dark side, where you were before you felt like you got your freedom, both you and your husband and your practice, just kind of paint a quick picture of that.  So the dark side was where my husband had a dental practice and I was his office manager. But I had bigger and better...  Read More
How to Build a Practice That Makes Money When You're Not There with Dr. David Lawrence
I wanted to figure out how to build a practice where I can get off the treadmill and make more money in less time.  And this can actually be fun.  Isn’t making money while you’re not there counter logical?  Everyone knows that the dental industry is hard.  It’s hard on the body.  Obviously we need...  Read More
Estate Planning - Papers to Gather
                        As a practice owner, your estate planning is crucial to address personal matters as well as business matters. Below is a list of important documents to organize:                                                                property titles                bank/ brokerage...  Read More
Multiple Location Success w/ Jacob Puhl
Jacob (Jake) Puhl earned his MBA from Xavier University and has now started, owned, and served as CEO of several seven-figure businesses. Among them, he started Firegang Dental Marketing in 2010, building that company up to one of the most successful marketing companies in dentistry; he left in...  Read More
How to Find Those Great, Rare Team Members
I'd like to talk about .  Let me start by saying they aren't rare, I believe that somewhere around 80%, or perhaps even more of the people who are in dentistry would be rock stars and great team members, if we either allowed it or required it.  Read More
Four Creative Ways to Get Your Listings Sold
The  is growing at a rapid pace with thousands of properties up for sale. As a result, there is increased competition which makes it very difficult to sell a property even for agents. However, there are certain effective practices and ideas to get your listing sold. i). Market thoroughly If you...  Read More
Categories: business, real estate
Why Your Team Members are Just Adequate, or Worse - HCD Leadership is the Answer
 Go back to the podcast right before this one to learn more about each HCD versus LCD practices.  I'll remind you in this podcast that managers manage with policies that's the lowest common denominator mindset and leaders lead with principles that's the highest common denominator, mindset. And...  Read More
Things to Think About Before Opening Another Location w/ Eric Nuss
 And for those of you who aren't thinking about opening another location, don't tune out. Because I'm going to guarantee that that 80 to 90% of this will apply to you whether you ever open another location or not. Because the reality of it is, if you're going to open a second location, the first...  Read More
The Biggest Mistake Dental Practice Owners Make Regarding Taxes with Craig Cody, CPA
Why is it we spend time planning for vacations, car purchases, and stuff like that, but typically have little communication with our CPA throughout the year?  We might meet with them maybe in February or March but are you really optimizing that relationship to reduce your tax bill?Craig Cody is a...  Read More
How to Hire a Full-Time Employee for Less Than One Part-Time w/ Beth Bogan
Expand your office hours and provide real-time help to your patients with a professional and HIPAA trained customer service team.Show patients when they're coming to your website that they are significant, that they matter that their concerns matter, that their fears that they feel are silly and...  Read More
What to do When Team Performance Lags - HCD Leadership vs LCD Management
It's no wonder for years survey companies like Gallup consistently report that only 30% of team members feel engaged and are participating in their workplace.  70% are disengaged, disconnected, merely going through the motions and phoning it in.  They're fully codependent. They are physically...  Read More
Uber/Lyft Lawsuits On The Raise. Be Prepared
Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way we are able to travel. Unfortunately, with any type of travel comes the possibility of an accident. While it's important to take the right steps after any type of car accident in order to be able to fully return to a normal life, getting into a car accident...  Read More
Categories: business, uber, taxi
Essential Oils and Their Uses
Essential oils are basically plant extracts obtained via the method of steaming by hot-pressing the plants to extract all its nutrients or via mechanical methods known as cold-pressing. Each essential oil is different in aroma, color, density and so on simply depending upon the kind of plant they...  Read More
Categories: business, Essential Oil
Don't Sign a Lousy Lease!
Straight Talk Episode #15 - Types of Leases  Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how leases can be confusing with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Listen to this podcast to make sure that YOU don't sign a lousy lease. LeasesWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is...  Read More
Higher Revenues Through Better Communication w/ Lois Banta
I qualify effective communication skills by asking the right question the right way. So I have two rules of thumb. Don't ask yes no questions.So it's about how to say what you say. And not asking yes/no questions and offering a couple of options. if you can remember those things, every single arena...  Read More
The Importance of Networking & Mentorship for the New Dentist w/ Anne Duffy
It's never too early to begin finding a mentor and looking for that person or people in your life that are going to be able to help you reach your goals.   So I think this is really important and what you're talking about because we have this saying everybody needs a place to go where they can say...  Read More
Relationship Building is Key! With Dr. David Rice
Dr. David Rice is the Founder of the nation’s largest student and new dentist community, igniteDDS and he travels  the world speaking, writing and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices.  He also maintains a team-centered, restorative and implant...  Read More
101 Ways to %#@! Up Your Dental Career Part 2 w/ Dr. Sten Ericson
These are 3 keys to success that we will explore today. Understanding that as the business owner, you need to be able to nurture talent, create an environment of trust, and follow through on your vision, is just about as important as all of the process that you have in place. People have an...  Read More
The Importance of Relationship With the Team and With Patients with Dr. Wayne Kerr
There's no question that dentistry is all about establishing long term relationships. People buy from people they know, they like and they trust.  Let's provide our patients with a mountaintop experience from beginning to end. And that requires the engagement of every member of your team. Dr. Wayne...  Read More
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