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The importance of having a “Big Why” to Guide Your Business w/ Duane Tinker
Everyone knows that having a "Big Why" is incredibly important, but how does that translate into your business? As Duane says, "Your Big Why gives you a sense of fulfillment from what you're doing."Duane Tinker is a nationally renowned consultant who helps dentists establish and maintain their...  Read More
How to Get Your Entire Team to Share in Building a Great Practice with Dr. Gordon Christensen
What does true leadership in a practice look like?  When we go to dental school, we're not taught how to run a business. We're not taught how to delegate.  We are taught that everything revolves around us and how important we are to the practice. So we get the wrong idea of how to run a practice...  Read More
How can the most advanced patient communication service be only $50/month
This is perhaps one of the top concerns for many offices looking at sign up with , and I completely understand. Let me address this in the best way I can.The short version is that through experience and leveraging technology, ReminderDental minimized overhead in every area that didn’t affect...  Read More
Think Like A Journalist - Practice Building & Strategic Planning w/ Carrie Webber
Yes you are a Dentist, you came up through school, it's what you know, and what you love. However, now you own your practice, or maybe multiple practices and that makes you a business owner. While we all love our craft, we need to take some time and think like a business owner, just enough to make...  Read More
What Needs to be Done Before You Open Another Location with Steve Parker
Understanding that while your expertise is going to be what gets your business off the ground, you actually practicing Dentistry, might not be what scales it. Today we sit down with Steve Parker to discuss the process of scaling, and how that actually looks for you, the Dentist, and Business...  Read More
5 tricks on the most proficient method to begin your assignment
We as a whole know the inclination when somebody makes reference to the word 'task' and the sentiment of fear clears over you. Possibly you set it aside for the time being. All things considered, the due date is three weeks away. Sound recognizable? Try not to sweat, it's about how you approach it....  Read More
Starting an International Business Can be Easy With the Right Tools
If you own a business, you know how difficult it can be to establish brand awareness and authority in a domestic market. Now, when you consider the challenge of starting an international business that reaches desirable global markets, it may seem even more out of reach. The traditional process of...  Read More
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Top essential tips to consider while choosing your plastic surgeon
Plastic surgery has picked up a great deal of prominence on the planet today particularly in light of the fact that it is a system that numerous individuals have experienced effectively and furthermore profited from. It includes the procedure of recreation, rebuilding or modification of a piece of...  Read More
Jacob (Jake) Puhl earned his MBA from Xavier University and has now started, owned, and served as CEO of several seven-figure businesses. Among them, he started Firegang Dental Marketing in 2010, building that company up to one of the most successful marketing companies in dentistry; he left in...  Read More
Car Safety Features: Protect Your Family and Save Your Life
Driving cars is definitely one of a kind experience, especially racing cars. The speed, the technology, the design and possibly everything about cars is so fascinating. Once you learn how to drive there is no looking back you will definitely enjoy every bit of it. With constant advancement in...  Read More
What you should know about maintenance before getting your Invisalign retainer
Have you always desired a gleaming set of pearls smile back at you from your reflections and pictures? Many of us have this secret dream. We want a perfect set of teeth that will make us feel beautiful in every selfie, and Facebook tagged image. Today, perfection is no longer a product of chance....  Read More
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Top Tips to Choose the Best Dentist
Are you looking for a professional dentist to put an end to your dental problems? You need an honest, efficient, and compassionate dental professional who want your best interest. Then, with so many dental offices and services, it is difficult to choose the right one. Do not wait until your oral...  Read More
Find A Perfect Mattress That Adjusts To Your Back And Needs
When you look for a mattress you musts make sure that you eventually buy one that will adjust both your back as well as your needs. This is required irrespective of the fact that you suffer from a medical condition or not. At the same time you must also make sure that the mattress fits in well with...  Read More
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Lower Prices, and Higher Production Doesn't Always Mean Higher Profits w/ Lois Banta
How is being part of a PPO hurting you? Lois Banta and I dive into the web that is PPO insurance, what it means to you, how it effects you, and how it effects your patients. How is being part of a PPO hurting you? Lois Banta and I dive into the web that is PPO insurance, what it means to you, how...  Read More
More Women Than Ever are Becoming Dentists! What New Ideas are They Bringing with Them? With Anne Duffy
Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Top Tier Skill Sets. These are just a few things that the influx of women into dentistry will bring. Anne is helping dentists get their ideal lifestyle out of their business, and shines a light on several new ways to understand what is happening in multiple...  Read More
What is the BEST way to Implement an Incentive Program in your Practice? With Dr. David Rice, DDS
Dr. David Rice is the Founder of the nation’s largest student and new dentist community, IgniteDDS and he travels the world speaking, writing and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. He also maintains a team-centered, restorative and implant...  Read More
3 Pieces to a Productive, Profitable Dental Practice
Growing a dental practice requires you to do a number of things. First, you need to set a vision and goals for your practice. That tells you where you want to go. Second, you need to develop a WOW culture to attract and retain the best team members possible. Third, you need to give every patient a...  Read More
Marketing Tips and Tricks to Take Your Practice to The Next Level! With Dr. Wayne E. Kerr
Dr. Wayne Kerr earned Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and was honored in 2011 with the presentation of the Life Long Learning and Service Recognition Award.He has been awarded Fellowship in both the American and International Colleges of Dentistry, as well as the Pierre Fauchard...  Read More
2018 townie mtg presentation – buying a dental practice-there more to it than price-part II- Buyins\Buyouts\Mergers & Special Situations – Part VII
Next up we’ll dive into practice mergers. This is a very exciting topic for me because the practice merger is probably one of the BEST investments an existing practice can make with likely the BEST ROI of all practice growth strategies. That’s my opinion anyway.Now, a “merger” is usually seen in...  Read More
Buying A Dental Practice: Buyins/Buyouts & Mergers
Next up I’ll talk about the “non-traditional” general dentistry practice and how you need to approach those situations.What do I mean by “a non-traditional general dentistry practice”? I’m referring to general dentistry practices that have developed somewhat of a specialty niche that they focus on...  Read More
101 Ways to %#@! Up your Dental Career with Dr. Sten Ericson
Implementing processes allows the leader of the organization (you) to be able to step away from certain areas of the business and focus on what you are best at. This also allows for real, and substantial growth to occur, which only happens when the team as a whole is capable to make decisions on...  Read More
In general term, E-commerce depicts the utilization of electronic ways and platforms to carry out a company’s business in a well-structured way. The dawn of the internet has significantly augmented the knack of companies to carry out their business more rapidly and more precisely, greater than a...  Read More
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Streamline Compliance to Increase Operational Efficiency? With Duane Tinker
Duane Tinker is a nationally renowned consultant who helps dentists establish and maintain their compliance and risk management programs. Duane has inspected hundreds of dental offices and thousands of dental records. He is a Subject Matter Expert sought by attorneys nationwide who represent...  Read More
Core Values, What Level of Impact Can They Have? With Carrie Webber
Core Values, you might have it in mind that these are just for big companies with thousands of employees, but that couldn't be further from the truth! When IBM, or some other company with thousands of employees that has been doing this for 100 years hires 3 people, they pretty much get shoe horned...  Read More
How you can use your practice to realize your Ideal Lifestyle with Steve Parker
Steve Parker is the President/CEO of The Profitable Dentist, LLC and Editor-In-Chief of The Profitable Dentist Magazine, where he brings a renewed energy to continuing the work of founder, Dr. Woody Oakes. Under his leadership, The Profitable Dentist has grown to be the nation’s most read...  Read More
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