143: A Powerful Conversation With Jayme Amos | Ideal Practices
QUICK NOTE FOR THE LISTENER: If you are a start-up or thinking of doing a start-up… you MUST listen to the episode more than once!Let’s just jump into this episode! I am super eager for you all to listen to the conversation Jayme and I have about start-ups, lease negotiations, trial and errors, his...  Read More
136: Dr. Russell Kirk | Tennessee Implant & Oral Surgery
What’s up everyone! How was everyone’s holidays and time off?! For you new listeners I am: Host: Michael AriasWebsite/ Business: Social Media: Facebook Group:  I am SUPER excited to be back! I did take a small hiatus to create, plan, focus, and do some surfing/ hang out with friends and family...  Read More
135: Norman Gelfand | Lease Negotiations
Get ready to hear all the ups and downs and little details you should know… when it comes to lease negotiations! Norman is and I talk about dental leases and their significant effect on practice profitability! We talk about the 60-70 things you must look out when signing and negotiating a ease,...  Read More
134: Vik Kapoor | Needham Family Dental & Practys
In this episode I talk with the brilliant Vik Kapoor! He and his wife have acquired two dental offices and now he is on his way to launching one of the most revolutionary softwares out there that will take a huge STRESS off your shoulders!! What is this soft ware? Tune in to find out! We also...  Read More
133: Dr. Shaina Holman | Holman Family Dental Care
“You’ve only been open 11 months and your bringing in 100-130 new patients monthly!? How?” I’m so happy to interview Dr. Shaina Holman from Chapel Hill! I personally met her and her husband on the Delivering WOW Summit and I remember her being so nervous about what the future had in store for her...  Read More
131: Dr. Matt Vogt | The Dentists at Gateway Crossing
I had the great privilege to interview Dr. Matt Vogt for episode 131! Dr. Vogt just started his practice not too long ago and we’re curious… how has it been going since opening day? What struggles has he faced? What struggles did he face before he opened up/ leading up to opening day? What major...  Read More
130: Brian McCarthy |
In episode 130 we interview the wonderful Brian McCarthy! Brian is a long-time digital marketer, and he has become a professional at it! He started digital marketing back then when the internet was something new and shiny to talk about but he quickly transitioned to help out a company called...  Read More
129: Charles Biami | Google Ad Words & New Implant Patients
If you have ever thought about using Google for your attracting new patients to your practice then you MUST listen to this episode! Charles Biami is the founder of Driven Dental Implant Marketing. Many of you have heard of his company and the amazing results it is bringing dentists all across the...  Read More
128: Elijah Desmond | Driven Dental Implant Marketing
Let’s get into the life of Elijah Desmond! In episode 128 we dive into his past and future, why is he always so full of energy and is it always like that? We also discuss all of his business ventures! Elijah has ran and sold 11 businesses…. but have they all been successful? Tune in to find out! We...  Read More
127: Dr. Tom Tu | Black Finch
Are you ready to be motivated? In episode 127 I had the wonderful privilege to interview Dr. Tom Tu. This is a unique episode because Dr. Tu is working on a start-up buuuuut… not the kind of start-up you are thinking about. Dr. Tom has created a side hustle. You see he is a dentist and is working...  Read More
120: Dr. Alexandra Bassett | Paloma Dental
Episode 120 belongs to my wonderful guest Dr. Alexandra Bassett! This was truly such a great interview, Dr. Bassett is a young dentist who just started her practice but…. she is filled with knowledge to share! She opened the doors of Paloma Dental (her dental practice) only  6-7 months ago and her...  Read More
119: Dr. Alan Mead | Two Podcasters Talking About…
In episode 119 I have the wonderful privilege to chat with someone who I have looked up to… for a long time… Dr. Alan Mead. He is the host of The Dental Hacks Podcast and is doing amazing things in the podcasting world (and in dentistry)!  This episode is more of a laid back episode where you can...  Read More
114: Dr. Danielle Davis | 901 Dental
Have you ever wondered how the first 12 days of a dental practice go? How production would a dental practice owner make in 12 days? What’s their expenses look like? How many new patients are flowing in so far? What is the biggest roadblock you will hit in the first 12 days? Well… Dr. Danielle Davis...  Read More
113: Dr. Sarah Mertz | The Tears And Frustration Are Worth It
In episode 113 we talk with the wonderful small town girl: Sarah! Dr. Sarah has been working in Public Health (as a dentist) for some time now and has begun the start-up process for her brand new practice! However, although Dr. Sarah is still in the early early stages of her start-up… she has...  Read More
112: Dr. Tyler Brady | Haven Dental
112 is with the …. really awesome… Dr. Tyler Brady! Now, if you are on the Facebook group:  then you are probably familiar with Tyler. He has shared his journey with us on their many times (through Facebook lives!). From the construction process all the way through LITERALLY live recording us the...  Read More
111: Dr. Meghna Dassani | Sleep Apnea & Dassani Dentistry
Welcome to episode 111! So first off, let me tell you why I LOVE this episode:                                      Dr, Dassani is truly an amazing human being!                                      In this episode we learn how to save lives!                                       We also learn how...  Read More
110: Cory Pinegar | The Formula For Perfecting Recalls
Hey TDM Tribe! In this wonderful episode we dissect and figure out the strategy to perfecting recalls! Let’s face it… you and I both know you have patients who are way overdue for their dental appointment… whether it’s their cleaning OR it’s their unscheduled treatment. Are you really doing...  Read More
106: Powers Of Marketing | Megan Powers
Hey TDM Family!  So in this episode I want to introduce you to Megan Powers. She is a pretty big deal in the marketing community, BUT not so well-known in the dental community. That is because, this is another new segment I want to introduce to you where I interview experts in marketing and only...  Read More
105: Blue Sky Dental Group | Dr. Jonas Ash
Get ready to hear numbers! : Dr. Jonas Ash! In episode 105 Dr. Jonas tells us all about numbers! He tells us the price for his buildout, what his current production & collections are, how much he is paying for marketing (and who he is using for marketing, and how bad he was affected by the slow...  Read More
104: Meridian Campus Family Dental | Dr. Joshua Carpenter
Talk about a rough start for my guest’s dental practice: Dr. Joshua Carpenter! In this episode we discuss his whole process on how he started his dental practice…. and then…. how the military came down on him and told him to stop! Can you imagine that, the military telling you to stop practicing...  Read More
103: How The Founder Of OperaDDS Grew His 800sqft Practice.. Into A 3 Story, 11 Operatories, Dental Practice
It’s episode 103! If you are tech at ALL…. then this episode is for you! I get to interview the amazing: Bryan Laskin, founder of many companies, but you probably know him or WILL know him from OPERADDS. Tune in to hear how he had a problem (that many dentist have) and how he created a solution for...  Read More
102: A Tale Of Two Hygienists
In episode 102 I get the wonderful privilege to interview Michelle and Andrew from… “A Tale of Two Hygienists”! They are the best, not only because they took time out of their insanely busy schedule to do a interview but also because … yeah….  they are just two awesome people who combined forces to...  Read More

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