102: A Tale Of Two Hygienists
In episode 102 I get the wonderful privilege to interview Michelle and Andrew from… “A Tale of Two Hygienists”! They are the best, not only because they took time out of their insanely busy schedule to do a interview but also because … yeah….  they are just two awesome people who combined forces to...  Read More
101: “The Amazoning Of Dentistry” – Dr. Paul Goodman
Introducing the very first episode AFTER our 100 episode…. And to be honest I can’t be more excited to introduce you to my featured guest in episode 101! I was able to FINALLY talk and chat it up with him in Voices of Dentistry…. Dr. Paul Goodman AKA Nacho Man AKA Everything is Nachos AKA … ummm a...  Read More
WE MADE IT TO EPISODE ONE HUNDRED!!!! ALLLLLLL THANKS TO YOU… THE LISTENER. I talk SO much in this episode so just press play and you can hear everything! Quick side note, I love all of you and I was serious…. if you listened to the WHOLE episode let me know so I can give you something...  Read More
99: Voices Of Dentistry – Why Downsizing May Be The Best Thing You Can Do To Grow Your Practice
Episode 99 is here! In this episode I am at Voices of Dentistry interviewing: Dr. Justin Bhullar. Such an awesome and great guy, it was truly a privilege to interview him and really ask him questions that I KNOW many of you want to know! In this episode we discuss how he acquired and help start so...  Read More
98: Voices Of Dentistry – Our Perio Team & Scaler 2 Schedule, How Can They Benefit Your Practice?
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCASTYou know what they say… good things come in pairs! (at least that’s what I’ve heard people say) and this episode proves it! In episode 98 I hit you with 2 separate interviews joined into one great, jam packed, episode! I have the privilege of interviewing a long...  Read More
97: Voice Of Dentistry – Getting Inside The Remarkable Minds Of The Next Generation Of Dentists
Episode 97 is here! This is another great and wonderful interview done from Voice of Dentistry. I have the awesome privilege of interviewing the the founders of the … Christian Hart & Michael Touloupas! *confetti falls * .. These young gentlemen are in their third going into fourth year of dental...  Read More
96: Voices Of Dentistry – How To Stand Out In An Insanely Saturated Community – Dr. Stimmler
Voices of Dentistry was UH – MAY – ZING! Along with that, I am bringing you some impressive and remarkable content from some of the best dentists out there and some of the most innovative and creative minds! I am so excited to introduce to you a friend of mine who has a practice in Brooklyn, New...  Read More
95: An Incredibly Easy Tactic To Instantly Skyrocket Your Case Acceptance. W/ Dr. Chris Bowman
Episode 95 is in the books (almost to 100)! In this episode I have my wonderful guest Dr. Chris Bowman really break down for us how to increase your production and collection. One easy way I can tell you right now, that he mentions to me is to truly focus on what you are passionate about when it...  Read More
93: The Unbelievable Problem That No One Really Talks About, Until Today. W/ Angie Stone RDH
Hey TDM community, I truly hope you’re off to a good start this week. In episode 93 I talk with the wonderful: Angie Stone. Talking to Angie is like talk to a positive energy that only wants to uplift you! It was sensational! We start off discussing how she became a hygienist…. but… something...  Read More
91: How Dr. Kenny Wilstead Is Bringing In 140 New Patients Per Month And Skyrocketed His Collections.
You are now tuning into one of the best podcast out there! The Dental Marketer Podcast! Thank you so much for listening to episode 91! In this episode I interview our amazing guest: Dr. Kenny Wilstead. Now, Dr. Wilstead has a remarkable story that he shares with us. He didn’t just graduate from...  Read More
85: How Can Understanding The Philosophy Of Your Dental Office Bring You Tremendous Results? W/ Andre Shirdan
In episode 85 I have the wonderful privilege to interview my guest, Andre Shirdan, who has been in the dental field and helping dental offices strive for years (if not, decades)! Andre started off working at a record store company where he quickly learned how to exceed in that field. But he didn’t...  Read More
84: How To Get The Qualified Patients You Actually Want! With Julia Yelevich
Thank you for tuning into episode 84 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. In this episode we get straight down to business… seriously! I had the privilege of interviewing an amazing leader, Julia Yelevich. Now, when it comes to the clinical side, Julia is informed and very knowledgable… but when it...  Read More
#83: What’s The Most Important Thing To Know When Owning A Dental Office? With Dr. Andy Tran & Linda Phan
Thank you for listening to us in your car, while cleaning your house, cleaning your dental office, in school (year, some people listen to us at school), at the gym (year, at the gym too while they are getting their workout on!), and anywhere else you listen to The Dental Marketer Podcast! You are...  Read More
#82: How To Immediately Increase Your Treatment Acceptance With Dr. Tyler Hanks
You are listening to episode 82 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! Thank you for tuning in…. Let’s just dive right into it! In this episode I pick the brain of the creator of . In case you don’t know what this wonderful app does, it helps the patient see the importance of dentistry and their oral...  Read More
#79: Have You Heard Of The Real Reason Why Your Dental Practice Isn’t Growing? With Gary Kadi
Welcome to Episode 79 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. Thank you for tuning in! I hope you are sleepy because this episode will WAKE YOU UP! I love the energy that Gary brings to the show but most importantly I love the knowledge he shares! In this episode we dive into the topic of what really is...  Read More

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