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Tax Saving Advice for Dentists with Craig Cody, CPA
Craig Cody is our guest this week on The Dental Up Podcast and he sits down with Shaun to talk about some of the mistakes Dentists and Business Owners make that lead them to pay more in taxes or miss out in huge deduction opportunities.  We learn how he went from working with the NYPD for 17 years...  Read More
Playing the Lottery with Your Patients
I was flipping through an ADA Newsletter when I came across this graph below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In case...  Read More
The Jameson Files 104 Communication, Vision & Leadership with Dr. Cappy Sinclair
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the importance of having a vision for your practice and making success happen with guest Dr. Cappy Sinclair.TJF-104: Vision, Leadership by Dr. Cappy Sinclair For full details and show notes go to .  Read More
Prosthodontic Innovation and Disruption with David Guichet DDS
Dr. Bette Robin and Dr. David Guichet Dr. David Guichet tells us about recent advancements in the Prosthodontics field and how patients can benefit from it. WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing, and changing rapidly - but it...  Read More
Reputation Management for Dentists: Yay or Nay?
Reputation is an unavoidable aspect for a business, be it a new one or well established one. Maintaining a good reputation for your dental practice will go a long way in helping acquire new patients and improving revenue. Here we will investigate how you can exponentially increase your client base...  Read More
Data safety for you dental practice: The whys and hows!
Data theft has been making the news quite a bit off late. Dental practices manage sensitive patient data and are also responsible for data security as per HIPAA guidelines. These regulations have added a lot of operational hassles with a lot of effort going towards ensuring compliance and allaying...  Read More
Contracts 101
What makes a contract a contract? Joe explains five basic principles that make contracts bindingContracts 101  Read More
Rule of Thirds
It's great to be optimistic but Joe shares a great trick to keep your startup grounded and prepared for any unseen circumstance.Law of Thirds  Read More
Buying A Dental Practice: Buyins/Buyouts & Mergers
Next up I’ll talk about the “non-traditional” general dentistry practice and how you need to approach those situations.What do I mean by “a non-traditional general dentistry practice”? I’m referring to general dentistry practices that have developed somewhat of a specialty niche that they focus on...  Read More
Accounts Receivable
Joe explains Accounts Receivable and whether you should consider purchasing AR when acquiring a practice. Accounts Receivable  Read More
4 Ways to prime your team to embrace change
Building a team is a long and demanding task which requires time, patience and dedication. But once your awesome team has been built, managing them will be as smooth as the night sea.The only time when it gets rough is when there are changes to core workflows or the system as a whole. It is true...  Read More
7 Ways To Supercharge Your Insurance Management Game
Insurance management and filing claims are some of the most tedious and maybe redundant workflows in dental practices, if not done right. Since it is a task that decides when a patient’s payment is completed and in extension the revenue cycle, it goes without saying that the workflow must be...  Read More
Letters of Intent
Joe defines and explains Letters of IntentLetters of Intent  Read More
Streamline your Dental Practice Finances & Accounting
After 15 years of working with dental practices and through owning dental practices myself, it is evident across the entire industry that so many practices are using out of date procedures and technology to run their finances in their practice.Gone are the days of handwritten ledgers, updating...  Read More
Episode 22 - War Stories from the DSO Front with Justin Weaver, Esquire
The Dental Amigos host their amigo Justin Weaver, Esquire, a seasoned attorney in Rob’s firm who has represented dentists in literally hundreds of dental practice sales and acquisitions, including representing DSOs and clients selling to DSOs. In this episode, Justin, Rob and Paul have a...  Read More
Episode 20 - The Dental Amigos on Associate Evaluations
In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about the importance of formal performance evaluations for associate dentists and non-clinical staff. Performance evaluations can be a helpful way to foster professional development, as well as a way to ensure retention of key personnel in a dental...  Read More
Episode 17- David Harris on Employee Theft and Fraud in Dental Offices
The Dental Amigos were happy to host David Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Prosperident, the world’s largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists. In addition to being a good guy, David is a licensed private investigator, a CPA who is “dual certified” in fraud...  Read More
How to Use Organizational Checkups to Achieve Consistent Growth in Your Dental Practice
          Giving your dental practice an organizational checkup is important for many reasons. Among them, it helps you ensure everyone is working together toward your common goal. It also helps make sure every team member is performing their tasks consistently well.Organizational checkups are so...  Read More
Episode 16 - The Dental Amigos Talk Multi-Practice Ownership
In this episode, Paul and Rob discuss WHY Paul decided to purchase a second, third and fourth dental practice. Paul talks about the challenges of having additional office locations and the need to be able to make multiple decisions a day and to solve problems in another “dentisting” location. Rob...  Read More
Episode 13- Dr. James Roman on Financing Dental Implant Cases
The Dental Amigos were excited to host Dr. James Roman, founder of iVelocity Marketing and business consultant to dentists and healthcare facilities. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with James about the value of real world business mentorship, as well as the shift in patient perception of dental...  Read More
Episode 11 – Tips on Tracking Associate Compensation
In this episode, Dr. Paul Goodman and Robert Montgomery, Esquire discuss what associates and owners should be doing to track associate production, collections and adjustments, with an emphasis on the importance of daily diligence The Dental Amigos have shared an example of an associate tracker for...  Read More
Episode 10 - New Dentist Boost Camp Debrief
In this episode, Dr. Paul Goodman and Robert Montgomery, Esquire review the first New Dentist BOOST Camp that just happened in Philadelphia on August 2-4, 2018. Dr. Nacho from Dental Nachos collaborated with Dr. Greg Charles from Dental Clinical Pearls to train twenty young dentists for three days....  Read More
Episode 9 - Dr. Mark Costes on What it's Like to Own Multiple Practices (and More)
In this episode, Dr. Paul Goodman and Robert Montgomery, Esquire chat with Dr. Mark Costes about his start in business: from food truck owner and operator to successful multiple dental practice owner. Dr. Costes also talks about what advice he would give to a third-year dental student hoping to...  Read More
Episode 8 - Reese Harper on Financial Planning (and more) for Dentists
The Dental Amigos were excited to host Reese Harper, who is the founder of and CEO of , a registered investment advisory firm that focuses exclusively on dentists and specialists. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with Reese about the importance of occupational-specific consulting and the unique...  Read More
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