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Your Life in Dentistry: Make it Wonderful
Remember the old Frank Capra film, "It's a Wonderful Life"?  Here are a few thoughts on how to live a wonderful life as a dentist.   Read More
Be On Time: Here's How and Why
Being on time in every aspect of your dental practice makes for happier patients, sure. But it also makes for happier doctors and staff. Here's how to do it.   Read More
It Pays Off Big in Your Practice and Doesn't Cost a Penny
There is a simple adjustment the dentist can make to his or her office that can make a huge difference. Here is how to make that adjustment -- and it's easier than you think.   Read More
What Can You Do Every Day to Make Your Practice Better?
There are daily actions that will make huge improvements in your dental practice.  Here's how to start taking steps in the right direction.    Read More
Can You Do What Your Patient Really Wants?
Take a good look at your career: Are you providing what your patient really wants? What about what YOU want?  Read More
Surround Yourself With The Best People
Ask yourself:                                                                                             Who am I hanging with / spending time with?                        What effect do they have on me?                        What have they got me spending time, doing?                       ...  Read More
The Parent Does This Part of the Ortho Treatment
You can teach the parent how to activate expansion appliances with jackscrews.  Here's how.    Read More
Evidence Base: What It's Not
Colleagues, let me challenge you to consider just exactly what 'evidence base' is -- and what it is not.    Read More
Clinical Tip #302: Rubber Dams
The use of rubber dams during pediatric dental procedures has great advantages for both the patient and the dentist. Here are some excellent tips from Dr Chris Baker.    Read More
Words of the Day: Mini Mold
Just what is a Mini Mold?  Doctor, it can make your life a whole lot easier...      Read More
Making Extractions Easy for the Child Patient
Discussing local anesthesia, cheek biting and easier extractions for your child patients.    Read More
You Should Do This To Treat Pediatric Sleep Apnea
You can transform a child's life forever. The main key is identifying the airway issues.   Read More
Make Child Patient Treatment Much Easier: For You, Your Patient and the Parent
How to make local anesthesia, extractions, restorative and sequencing so much easier for you, your child dental patients, and their parents.    Read More
The Class II and Class III Treatment Marvel
Treating Class II and Class III malocclusions can be challenging, unless you know this "secret".   Read More
Child Patients: They're Not Like They Used To Be
The way child dental patients behaved and were treated 30 years ago is vastly different than what the doctor sees today.  Dentists periodically need to change their approach because of this, and here's how.    Read More
The Beauty Factor in Dentistry
As you practice dentistry, it helps to understand that beauty is a high priority -- often the HIGHEST priority -- of your patient.    Read More
Your Hidden Competitors
Dentists, who are your competitors? How many do you have right around you? Here are some thoughts on competition in the dental field that might not have occurred to you.  Read More
Who is Sitting Chairside?
Doctor, you may have an assistant on one side of you. But who is on the other side of the patient in the dental chair?  It could be...   Read More
Serendipitous Research: Your Own Evidence Base
Developing your own evidence base from your experience, your trials, your successes and even your failures, is the source of some of your best wisdom in dentistry.    Read More
Be Courageous. Be a Dentist.
Practicing dentistry requires intelligence, hard work, and courage. Courage?  Yes!Having courage is absolutely necessary to practice dentistry, and here are some reasons why -- and how to have courage, yourself.    Read More
Do These Miracles in Phase I Ortho (You do not need to wait for all the adult teeth to come in)
You do not need to wait for all the adult teeth to come in.Today, I talk about the amazing areas of change possible when addressing orthodontic and orthopedic needs earlier in mixed dentition.  Read More
'Say Cheese' - Photography is a powerful tool in ortho
To help get great diagnosis and track patient progress, the doctor should regularly take photos of the orthodontics patient. This helps both the doctor and the patient see progress and learn the great value of orthodontics.   Read More
'No Faulty'
In Abu Dhabi one afternoon, as I parked for my hair appointment, my car suddenly took a little lurch. I looked around, then back to discover another, much larger, SUV had bumped into my car. Once we got it sorted out, poor guy - he felt awful and then REALLY awful when he saw the damage to his...  Read More
Two steps to YOUR success
Our son and daughter, Trey and Molly, were most fortunate to train with (all the way to Black Belt and beyond), an incredible Taekwondo Master who taught them martial arts, life, and spirituality.  Mr. Brian Chewning taught them that there are two steps to success:              Start         ...  Read More
Women in Dentistry - To Ortho and Beyond
When I enrolled in dental school, I was one of only six female students in my class. Now, more than half of all dental students in the U.S. are women. Times have changed!  But now, there are even more exciting horizons for women in dentistry.   Read More
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