Medicare, Medicaid and Dental Insurance: A Personal History
Health coverage and insurance schemes, both public and private, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Dental Insurance, have dramatically affected healthcare professions since their introduction. It has been a real education for me, being a firsthand witness to many of these changes.  Read More
Dentists, the Martians have landed!
Our beloved dental profession is turning into a war between massive corporations for profits, and you and your patients are in the crosshairs. But the good news is, doctor, that you have a choice. You can follow your own plan rather than the plans of others. Here's how.  Read More
 Your dental practice is not a charity: YOU decide what your missionary work will be
Choose freedom over paying some corporate CEO’s country club membership...    Freedom to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work.    Freedom to get to work to make money for you and your family and not for other people -- like insurance corporations and government.    Freedom to...  Read More
You Have What Your Patients Need Most
Medical Drama on TVFrom 1969 to 1976, a favorite American television show was one of the early medical drama programs, the popular Marcus Welby M.D.  Medical drama has continued to be a well-watched topic, beginning in the early 50’s, and includes Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, M*A*S*H*, Dr Quinn Medicine...  Read More
When Your Patients' Parents Don't Give a Rip
Let Me Ask You -- Should You Treat Their Kids?   How and When?        As a young dentist, I remember feeling the exhilaration of the possibilities of helping children. Therein lies worth to a young mother and to a young dentist, imprinted with the passion for helping children.  After all, what more...  Read More
Dental Provider Credentialing 101: Medicaid Management
Over the past few weeks, I’ve detailed the ins-and-outs of the dental provider credentialing process – a painstaking, time intensive, detailed, and necessary procedure for the modern 21stcentury dentist to stay competitive and offer dental care to an expanded in-demand patient...  Read More
What Medicaid Providers Need to Know about CIA's and how They Can Affect Your Practice
As a follow-up to my last email, I need to clarify some information…I don’t know the backstory regarding MB2 Dental’s Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). Here is what I do know:·Corporate Integrity Agreements have become a favorite tool of the OIG.·You can gain...  Read More
I HATE Compliance - Resistance is Futile!
Really. I hate the word "Compliance."It kind of makes me feel like I am giving up a part of myself. It makesme feel like Captain Picard staring out his ship's screen looking atthis overwhelming monster-The Borg, demanding submission. Maybe I amjust a nerd like that? Does compliance irk you...  Read More
We Need To Talk About Section 1557
Does your practice receive reimbursements from Medicare? Medicaid? C.H.I.P.? How about Tricare? If so, you need to read how this new law Section 1557 will impact your practice!Regardless of how you feel about it one thing is certain –the Affordable Care Act (ACA)is full of...  Read More

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