How to Be A Great Biller
How to be a great biller? This episode we will be coving what skills you should have to be a successful dental biller? What to look for during the interview process, how to answer vital interview questions when interviewing to become a dental biller, and more. Listen now.  Read More
Monolithic Zirconia Closes the Link Between Digital Design and Bringing that Data into the Analog World
Over the last few years we have seen an exponential evolution in digital technology, unfortunately materials have been lagging when it came to esthetics. At Absolute Dental, we pride ourselves in the fact that we always stay at the forefront of these innovative technologies. Zirconia material and...  Read More
Pursuing a career in dentistry is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I believe every dental student needs to understand that they’ve selected an excellent profession for themselves. Given my love for dentistry, I find it an extremely fulfilling career. However, my journey hasn’t always...  Read More
THE TOP TEN DENTISTS’ FANTASIES OF ALL TIME:  I was looking through some old files and found this from over 15 years ago. Still worth a chuckle.  –Bill  10. Knowing you just got back from a seminar, the staff all get together and beg to try some more good ideas.  9. Insurance companies start using...  Read More
Dedicated to providing Charitable Dental Services with Dr. Jerry M. Rosenberg, DMD FAGD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jerry M. Rosenberg, DMD FAGD and chatted about the powerful and positive impact of providing charitable dental services to both your local community and those abroad.In this episode you will hear about:1. Getting to know Dr....  Read More
How To Leverage Current Patients For Extra Practice Revenue
This article is somewhat ironic, or at least contradictory, as part of our business is focused on helping Dentists bring on new patients by allowing them to pay per referral, but we wanted to focus on the important aspect of leveraging your current patients to increase your revenue. Dentists...  Read More
Dentbay - Buy Dental Instruments & Products Online| Best Dental Material Shop
 provides a wide range of dental products which include endodontic products like files, composite, resins and dental cements.Our prosthodontic catalog includes various impression materials, trays, waxes, artificial teeth, burs etc. Similarly, other segments of dentistry like Orthodontics,...  Read More
Improving Dentist-Laboratory Communication with Dr. Jake Wolf DDS
Our guest this week is Dr.Jake Wolf DDS a graduate from The University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry. Earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2014. Practicing from Las Cruces, New Mexico  Read More
The Importance of a Healthy Work/Life Balance with Dr. Derek Jones, DDS
Our guest this week, Dr. Derek Jones, DDS graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and went on to the Yale-affiliated General Practice Residency. Practicing from Sanford, Maine.   Read More
10 Tax Saving Tips for Dentists
The tax year saw many new changes in tax legislation and planning ahead is more important than ever to ensure you work within the rules to not miss out on a tax saving opportunity. Tax for dentists is a complex area that requires specialist tax knowledge about dentistry. Our team possesses this...  Read More
Dental Practice Retirement & Transition Planning
Are you ready to retire?We all dream of living out our golden years as the captain of our own ship – free from the stress and frustration of managing a successful dental practice, and finally able to pursue our other passions. After decades of toil and service to the medical community, you deserve...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 30 - Dealing With A Bad Employer
Episode 30In this packed episode Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron start by discussing how patient stress can impact the treating dentist.We continue our discussion by answering a listener's questions about dealing with a bad owner-dentist. Whose job is it to bring in new patients? Who decides...  Read More
*This post was originally created on Linkedin. Feel free to add me as a connection. Joao Fabricio Wohnrath. Thank you.“Health care is opaque with respect to pricing and how much players are compensated along the supply chain, so entrance by an e-commerce giant like Amazon could be a game changer,"...  Read More

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