The "Road Fast" and Other Bad Ideas that Are Killing Practice Locations & Practice-to Business Marketing
It seems that they are out to destroy great dental practice locations.  This session discusses what is going on as well as a summary practice-to-business activities that may really help you.  Read More
How the Trump Tax Cuts and SALT Changes Are Influencing Practice Locations
We have noticed an interesting relationship to the Trump Tax Cuts and the reduction in the Tax Deductions of State and Local Taxes (SALT) on practice locations throughout the United States.  You don't have to be trying to start-up a practice for this to matter!  Read More
Bribes and Promises: City and State Inducements to Move to their Area
Bribes and Promises: Choosing a City to Start a PracticeHello, this is Scott McDonald and Welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast.A bright young dentist who seems to have been doing his homework called to ask about a “deal” that he had heard about Tulsa, OK.  There are stories out...  Read More
Contrasts in Coasts: Video Blog
I am finding that some Townies prefer the audio podcast.  Others want to see the video.  This is an episode taken from our weekly webinar of dental demographics and marketing on locations that are growing and shrinking, their impact on the dental marketplace, and just WHY these trends are...  Read More
Study in Contrasts: Idaho v. New Jersey, Nevada v. Connecticut
When it comes to the consideration of where to put a practice, it is wise to consider the trends but it is also worth considering the reasons for the trends.  This session deals with WHY some places are growing (and developing) making them a better place to practice and why some are NOT.  I have...  Read More
Great American Migration for Dentists
There is a huge migration going on in the U.S. that dentists, students, and associates should know about.Dental Commute  Read More
Affordable Housing and Practice Site Potential - Correlation
When attempting to find the best place(s) to practice, there are several demographic features to consider.  One of the most important that we are noting is the middle-class housing affordability index.  Rather than simply consider how much homes are selling for or the median household income in an...  Read More
Locations for Practice: The Surging South
The Surging South is about how the job market is revealing where locations to place a practice or to purchase and office can be found.  Forbes has just released its markets that show the most new jobs and we tie it together by seeing how this will influences places to practice. The Surging South  Read More
Treasure and Trash Sites in the Midwest
A great deal has been said about opening or purchasing a practice in the Midwest.  But the "where" of where to go has been revealed in some excellent regional demographic information.  This podcast episode deals with that issue. Treasure & Trash in the Midwest  Read More

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