How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service?
What is customer service? How can customer service help my dental business? Providing excellent customer service is dependent on you. This episode is geared towards private practices and solopreneurs, to help differentiate yourself from the corporate companies. Listen now and start providing...  Read More
The Importance of Patience in today’s Dental Industry with Dr. Randold Binns DDS,DMD
Dr. Randold Binns DDS, DMD is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast. He sits down with Shaun to discuss the importance of having Patience and how it helped Dr. Binns achieve great strides in both the financial and educational areas over the years. How he started using social media to...  Read More
An Experience of a Life Time
My wife Patty and I spent almost all of April on a vacation in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.  Eighteen days were spent on board The Crystal Symphony cruise ship.  Crystal is and up-scale, up-service and up-priced cruise line.  Fares are at least double Princess, Holland America, Norwegian,...  Read More
Dentists, Roofers And Opportunity Cost
I know, that's a hell of a blog title, right? And you're probably wondering what roofers could possibly have to do with  Let me explain...After noticing some buckling in the hardwood floor near the bedroom dormer, I realized we might have a leak (my immediate pain point). Considering that the house...  Read More
Establishing and maintaining a Positive Patient Relationship
We welcome Dr. Jamel Odeh DDS to the Dental Up Podcast this week! We talked with Dr. Odeh about his time attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and later teaching at that same facility for 26 years in their Prosthodontics Department. What inspired him to get into this field of...  Read More
Do you like calling customer support? I don’t. Such calls, however, are a necessary part of life. As such, they require strategies. My recent experiences with customer support illustrate some lessons I’ve learned with some experience. It all boils down to pathetic but so true “never give...  Read More
Childhood Inspiration turns into a fruitful career with Dr. Rich Rosenblatt DMD
This week’s featured guest graduated from Muhlenberg College and attended The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, He was accepted into a one year General Practice Residency Program at St. Josephs Medical Center in Reading Pennsylvania. In 2007 he purchased Forest North Dental that...  Read More
The 'Wow Factor' In your practice
I gave a little talk on creating "Wow" in the dental practice to our dentists and staff at the American Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi.It's on YouTube:  Read More
Better Dental Patient Care Goes Beyond Treating Symptoms
Better Dental Patient Care Goes Beyond Treating SymptomsHow often have you felt like your dental practice is becoming a “repair shop?”It’s been a growing concern for us and for many dental practices—when we see our patients, it’s often already too late. Due to a variety of reasons, patients are...  Read More
The Engaged Receptionist
It has always been obvious that a great receptionist improves the environment of any business and a bad one will be highly likely to have a damaging affect. However, our awareness around the high level of influence our receptionists has requires deeper contemplation.Dental practices know their...  Read More
5 Things Every Practice Should Do Each Day to Build an Effective Schedule
The schedule is the most powerful element in running a dental office. It can make our teams work well together, hit goals, and end the day on a high note. However, it can be the reason everything comes apart at the seams: the team can’t stand each other, the doctor has no money to pay bills,...  Read More
Top 5 Dental Practice Issues: Resolved
Owning a dental practice or working in a dental office can be a very rewarding albeit sometimes challenging profession. With the right systems and training any job in the dental office can bring a sense of accomplishment and can be very rewarding. We all face challenges every day but it’s how...  Read More
Episode 69 Delivering Wow With Dr. Anissa Holmes
Episode 69 Delivering Wow With Dr. Anissa Holmes Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Tips for the Perfect Dental Practice Voicemail Message
Outline to A Great Voicemail MessageIt is not our recommendation to let any patient reach your voicemail but of course, we do not expect your office phones to be answered 24 hours a day. There are going to be times when people reach your message, whether they call at night or weekend. It is...  Read More
How To Make Your Customer Service So Good Your Patients Never Leave
OK, I admit it.I have a bug-bear about customer service.It irks me when businesses make it hard for people to deal with them. Unnecessarily hard.And it’s not actually my problem. It’s the businesses’ problem because they’re not just making it hard for me, they’re...  Read More
5 Little-Known Factors that Boost Your Customer Service
Can you hear that?It’s the sound of competition, breathing down your neck.Pounding footsteps close on your heels. Chasing you to run faster, run harder and do better.You know there’s fierce competition between dental practices. So how do you ensure you’re the one that not only...  Read More
Ep. 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To Your Dental Practice
Episode 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To You Content originally appeared at:  Read More
6 Steps to Create a Practice and Business That WOWs
Are you ready to get some MASSIVE results for 2016? Perhaps it's time to start Delivering WOW.So what is Delivering Wow....Delivering Wow is a customer-focused approach that service businesses, including dental practices, can take to consistently provide a high level of service and quality. What...  Read More
6 Essential Ways Dentists Can Get Patients Who Stay, Pay, and Refer
Published on Oct 23, 2015Podcast episode 229 reveals six ways dentists can attract new and existing patients. Colin Receveur revisits the episode in Patient Attraction Podcast 585.  Read More
Patient Amazement with Shep Hyken : Howard Speaks Podcast #119
Part of taking care of your staff is teaching them how to wow your patients. Teach your staff how to amaze your patients every time.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Shep Hyken - HSP #119 Watch Video here: VIDEO -...  Read More
Consultant Tip: 53 Ways to Create Exceptional Customer Service
53 Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Service Track referrals to your office and acknowledge those that refer. If you state guidelines allow a patient referral program implement one. Wow Letters to patients from staff members Communicate to patients via email. Send them practice updates...  Read More
51 Tips from Consultant Sandy Pardue for Creating Exceptional Customer Service
51 Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Service Track referrals to your office and acknowledge those that refer. If you state guidelines allow a patient referral program implement one. Create trust with your patients Send handwritten WOW Letters to patients from staff members Communicate...  Read More
Are your employees driving away your patients?
For a dental business to succeed, a lot of things need to go the right way, but just a single customer service misstep is all it takes to permanently ruin a reputation.Everyone who spent any time in the dental industry knows very well that some patients can be really difficult at times and that...  Read More

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