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 Your dental practice is not a charity: YOU decide what your missionary work will be
Choose freedom over paying some corporate CEO’s country club membership...    Freedom to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work.    Freedom to get to work to make money for you and your family and not for other people -- like insurance corporations and government.    Freedom to...  Read More
The best treatment for the child, doctor, is still YOUR responsibility.  Doc, can you hear that train a-coming?
The best treatment for the child patient, doctor, is still YOUR responsibility. It is important to be aware of the risks and temptations faced by the dentist. © 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
A fast train is coming. Doctor, are you dancing on the tracks?
In pediatric dentistry, these days it is de rigueur, fashionable, in vogue, all the rage, trendsetting, and chic to avoid dental techniques that the child patient and the parent don’t like.  And, who likes being a restorative dental patient? And what parent likes having their child not like...  Read More
Pediatric Dentists: Is there life outside the O.R.?
In our heart of hearts (for the most part), we pediatric dentists want to help our patients more through prevention than through restorative procedures. Unfortunately, pediatric dentistry has, partially by necessity, become way too focused on restoring a child's mouth.© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
You Have What Your Patients Need Most
Medical Drama on TVFrom 1969 to 1976, a favorite American television show was one of the early medical drama programs, the popular Marcus Welby M.D.  Medical drama has continued to be a well-watched topic, beginning in the early 50’s, and includes Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, M*A*S*H*, Dr Quinn Medicine...  Read More
Politically Incorrect Behavior Management for Child Patients
Sometimes effective child patient management is not 'politically correct.'  Let me explain...© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
What do you tell your patients (or their parents) about their bad breath?
You’ve undoubtedly heard the question, “Doctor, what can we do about her bad breath?” Jenny’s mom asked me that question a worried look on her face.  “I’ve talked to the pediatrician, and nothing is wrong.  But, she is being teased about it, and we notice it at home too.  Can you help us?” And...  Read More
The World is Flat, Do Not Extract Baby Teeth, and Other Myths
One of the great myths believed by some pediatric dentists is that they need to avoid extracting baby teeth whenever possible. © 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Dentists, what is missing in your life picture?
For us dentists, we have been guided by a need, a dream, to help others.  Going to dental school, and to residency and further training, takes a whole lot of “get-up-and-go” and a whole lot of “stick-to-it-iveness.”Our schooling and hard work was (and is) driven by our need and dream to help others...  Read More
The Fears that Bind Pediatric Dentists
Dentists who treat children often deal with certain fears about their profession. There are some great choices that can "rescue" these dentists from their fears.      Read More
Doctor, 'Insurance-Company-Speak' is not your Mother Tongue
The languages dentists have to learn! Do you-speak 'insurance company-speak'?  Do you speak 'parent-speak'?  Do you-speak 'child-speak'? Today I am looking at insurance company-speak. And btw (by the way - that's 'text-speak') - “corporations” here refer to insurance companies, big box and other...  Read More
An Orthodontic Finishing 'Pickle'
Here are some ideas about dealing with one kind of 'pickle' faced in orthodontic finishing.   Read More
Dentists Under Siege?  (Part 2)
“The past does not equal the future - unless you live there.”  ~ T. RobbinsWhy on earth do we choose to allow the insurance companies to come between us and our patients?  (Because of fear.)Why does it feel as if you are just “another run-of-the-mill” dentist?  And what is that anyway?  It’s a...  Read More
When Pediatric Patients 'Fall into the Crevice'
Who's watching out for their orthodontic development?  Read More
When Your Patients' Parents Don't Give a Rip
Let Me Ask You -- Should You Treat Their Kids?   How and When?        As a young dentist, I remember feeling the exhilaration of the possibilities of helping children. Therein lies worth to a young mother and to a young dentist, imprinted with the passion for helping children.  After all, what more...  Read More
Dentists: Your Success Is All About Love
Practicing dentistry successfully and joyfully, every day, involves love. The systems you put into place can help make this happen. With the upcoming ELEMENTS Seminars, dentists can learn to combine the two.  Read More
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