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How Nancy Drew Led Me To Orthodontics
So what does a fictional girl detective have to do with a successful career in orthodontics?  The answer to that question makes sense to a lot of us...  Read More
Ortho in Your Practice! -- Dr Chris Baker
General and Pediatric Dentists can successfully add orthodontics to their practices. It can be very exciting and greatly improve patient care. When using the right orthodontic systems, ortho can create great job satisfaction and profitability for the dentist, in addition to helping make patients...  Read More
How Successful Are You?
Here’s a little quiz to help you consider your success. If you take it periodically, you can measure your progress: 1. _______ score     1 to 10 - how much do you like yourself?                                      2. _______ score     How much do you like what you do?3. _______ score     How much...  Read More
Use Love and Lead Generation to Get New Patients
When you truly love to practice dentistry and you truly love and care for your patients, you get what is called 'Lead Generation' and new patients result.  Read More
With Your Practice, Choose Freedom, Not a Train Wreck
It is a great opportunity and an important step:  Dentists should take a free market approach with their practices, and avoid the oncoming 'train wreck' that corporate and government influences can create.Part II of 'There's a Fast Train Coming. Doctor, Are You Dancing on the...  Read More
A Great Dentist is More Than Just a Technician
Besides providing excellent patient treatment, great dentists learn to work on their businesses / practices and to provide vision, leadership and love. There are important steps to take in order to travel from the 'Point A' of being a 'technician' to the 'Point B' of successful business leader --...  Read More
What Makes You Want to be a Dentist?
Just what makes you want to be a dentist, anyway? Where do you find your motivation each day when you walk into your practice? These are important questions to ask ourselves -- and to address as we progress through our careers.   Read More
Foundations of Dental Practice Success & Life
There are some important "blocks" to use when you build the foundations of both your dental practice and your life. The quality of those building blocks will determine the quality of what's built on them.© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Lessons of the Abu Dhabi Ladies' Saloon
Some thoughts about lessons learned at a unique business in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  No matter whether you have a dental practice in the USA or a ladies' saloon in Abu Dhabi, great relationships are absolutely essential between a business and its patients or customers.© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Start Spending Time With The Right People
Who in the world are the right people?The ones who build you up, who challenge you, who believe you CAN do the good stuff.“You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn If they are negative, you will be surrounded and enmeshed in negativity.  If they are...  Read More
When the FIVE's don't JIVE
The Problems of missing and ectopic second bicuspidsSeverely ectopic LR5 had to be removed. © 20182 Facts for your consideration:            The “5’s”, or second bicuspids are statistically the third most-commonly congenitally anomalous teeth, misshapen, ectopic eruptive positions, and missing....  Read More
Make possible what looks impossible for your practice
Relationships are transformational for your dental practice. Deal with your patients with absolute love in your heart.  "If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart. If they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears." - Suhrawardi© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
The Hidden Secrets the Panoramic Holds
Missing upper 2's, missing lower 5's, ectopic canines. © 2018 Dr Chris BakerThe Panoramic radiograph.  You may be surprised to discover the amazing information you can find about a child patient in that x-ray.  Can you name five really important findings in a panoramic on an early mixed dentition...  Read More
Use the Right Systems to Bring Ortho into Your Practice
Using the right systems is the "secret sauce" to successfully implement an orthodontic program in a general or pediatric dental practice. © 2018  Dr Chris Baker  Read More
White Spot Lesions: Three Factors of Interplay
White spot lesions on teeth result from acid-producing pathogenic bacteria that demineralize the tooth surface.This begins the process of tooth decay. While these lesions occur in patients without any orthodontic or other dental intervention, they also occur during orthodontic treatment.  The tooth...  Read More
 Your dental practice is not a charity: YOU decide what your missionary work will be
Choose freedom over paying some corporate CEO’s country club membership...    Freedom to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work.    Freedom to get to work to make money for you and your family and not for other people -- like insurance corporations and government.    Freedom to...  Read More
The best treatment for the child, doctor, is still YOUR responsibility.  Doc, can you hear that train a-coming?
The best treatment for the child patient, doctor, is still YOUR responsibility. It is important to be aware of the risks and temptations faced by the dentist. © 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
A fast train is coming. Doctor, are you dancing on the tracks?
In pediatric dentistry, these days it is de rigueur, fashionable, in vogue, all the rage, trendsetting, and chic to avoid dental techniques that the child patient and the parent don’t like.  And, who likes being a restorative dental patient? And what parent likes having their child not like...  Read More
Pediatric Dentists: Is there life outside the O.R.?
In our heart of hearts (for the most part), we pediatric dentists want to help our patients more through prevention than through restorative procedures. Unfortunately, pediatric dentistry has, partially by necessity, become way too focused on restoring a child's mouth.© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
You Have What Your Patients Need Most
Medical Drama on TVFrom 1969 to 1976, a favorite American television show was one of the early medical drama programs, the popular Marcus Welby M.D.  Medical drama has continued to be a well-watched topic, beginning in the early 50’s, and includes Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, M*A*S*H*, Dr Quinn Medicine...  Read More
Politically Incorrect Behavior Management for Child Patients
Sometimes effective child patient management is not 'politically correct.'  Let me explain...© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
What do you tell your patients (or their parents) about their bad breath?
You’ve undoubtedly heard the question, “Doctor, what can we do about her bad breath?” Jenny’s mom asked me that question a worried look on her face.  “I’ve talked to the pediatrician, and nothing is wrong.  But, she is being teased about it, and we notice it at home too.  Can you help us?” And...  Read More
The World is Flat, Do Not Extract Baby Teeth, and Other Myths
One of the great myths believed by some pediatric dentists is that they need to avoid extracting baby teeth whenever possible. © 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Dentists, what is missing in your life picture?
For us dentists, we have been guided by a need, a dream, to help others.  Going to dental school, and to residency and further training, takes a whole lot of “get-up-and-go” and a whole lot of “stick-to-it-iveness.”Our schooling and hard work was (and is) driven by our need and dream to help others...  Read More
The Fears that Bind Pediatric Dentists
Dentists who treat children often deal with certain fears about their profession. There are some great choices that can "rescue" these dentists from their fears.      Read More
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