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Interception Orthodontics - Treating Airway Issues in Children and Much More
Airway issues in children are frequent and VERY often undiagnosed. The dentist with Interception Orthodontics skill can identify the problems and provide vital, life-changing therapies that can help. Airway is just one of many issues where the dentist knowing Interception Orthodontics can provide...  Read More
Keys to finding your purpose
Being a dentist is who you are, but the word "dentist" does not define what your life's purpose is.  There are definite steps to take to determine your purpose -- a purpose which is unique to you.  Here is what you can do.   Read More
Courage to be a Dentist (and the role orthodontics might play)
Most of us start practice not knowing just how difficult dental practice can be. We have the challenge to look at our practice as a whole and ask ourselves, "What is missing in this picture?" Dentists need the courage to figure out what needs to change and the courage to make those changes.  Read More
 Ortho in your practice, Doctor! Part V - Get a Clear Vision of Your Mission and Pursue It Now
Orthodontics and ClarityIt’s easy to believe that orthodontics is a mystery.  In many schools and with many dentists, that belief is pervasive.  The mystery of orthodontics, just like the mystery of each and every area of dentistry, is unveiled and solved in learning and practicing. Your...  Read More
Doctor, Here's How to Start Improving Your Life -- Today!
(From Sounion, Greece)Want a better life? This approach works for those in the dental profession, but is just as powerful for those working in any business.  You can make tiny, though important "course adjustments" that will eventually, immeasurably improve your life.  Here's what to do.   Read More
Doctor, will you choose to step forward or backward today?
Right now, you have the choice - step forward into growth and learning, or step backward into what feels like safety and security.Most people step backward - and guess what?!  That slowly kills your chances to become more, to become extraordinary.“The problem is that our culture has engaged in a...  Read More
Why, even with 300+ channels, there's still nothing to watch...   Things a dentist considers in life's priorities
It’s amazing that today’s cable and internet has not 300 channels, but thousands of choices.  And we are bored, constantly flicking from one to the other, using P-I-P (Picture-In-Picture) and checking our phone, news, social media, in between.  Notice if you are waiting - for an appointment, for a...  Read More
 Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part IV - Commit to Learn
You can change all things when you change yourself for the better.  So how do you need to change yourself?  The answer lies in what you want to FEEL.Clarity about what you want to feel, be, experience is the key. “Self-protection leads to mediocrity.  Self-service leads to fortune.  Self-investment...  Read More
Doctor, are you having an affair?
While in Sounion, Greece, I thought of an important question to ask doctors about a certain kind of relationship.  Are you enmeshed in this kind of triangle?  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part III   -- Ortho and You
Orthodontics is a natural part of pediatric dental care. I cannot imagine how one can NOT offer it within the practice setting.  It is such an amazing and wonderful piece of the ideal - holistic care of the patient, intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.There are...  Read More
Dentistry is #1...  In What?
Yes, dentistry is the #1 profession... in both good and bad areas.  Just which areas are these?  How does this affect you as a dentist?  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor!  Part II - Ortho and Me
Why would you be interested in orthodontics? Why would you want to read about it? Why would you think of possibly adding it to your practice?  Here are my answers to these questions: My interest in orthodontics came from an interest in seeing my child patients have the most gorgeous smile as soon...  Read More
Patient Education: Mission Impossible?
Many, if not most patients you try to educate on dental health don't get it.  So what is a dentist to do?    Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor!     Part 1 - Get Clarity
Have you considered adding orthodontics to your practice?  As a pediatric dentist, and with more than 25 years of practice, I can not imagine practicing dentistry if I did not do orthodontics.  It has been part of my practice for all my years of practice.  All of them.But, before I tell you why...  Read More
If you want your life to change, do this
Is your life run by your dental practice? There are definite steps you can take to make positive changes, to your career, your practice, and your work-life balance. Here are these definite steps.   Read More
Dentists, the Martians have landed!
Our beloved dental profession is turning into a war between massive corporations for profits, and you and your patients are in the crosshairs. But the good news is, doctor, that you have a choice. You can follow your own plan rather than the plans of others. Here's how.  Read More
The Health Risks of Being a Dentist
According to studies, being a dentist can be a very hazardous occupation. Practicing dentistry has certain health risks. There are some important ways to approach the profession that help the dentist to stay healthy.  Read More
What does your dental practice want to be when it grows up?
As a dentist, do you find you asking yourself, "What's next? Is this all there is?"You need a new plan to take you where you want to go. Think about where you are going - give it a thought. And then put energy and effort to what your plan will be.   Read More
Sex and Orthodontics
You're probably going to wonder what in the world I'm talking about. So let me just give you a little clue, and explain this...  Read More
Those Tiny Little Decisions
Owning a dental practice can be a real challenge. To make the practice work for you -- instead of you working for your practice -- requires making some tiny little decisions, daily.   Read More
OK, You're a Great Dentist. Now What?
So your skills as a dentist are excellent. That's great. But where do you go from there?  What are your dreams for your life and your practice?  Where do you get the most satisfaction?  It's time to answer these questions for yourself.   Read More
From nursing school to dental school and beyond, gratitude is the key
I grew up loving to read.  As much as I loved "Nancy Drew" books, and aspired to be capable as she was, I voraciously read "Sue Barton, Student Nurse" and "Cherry Ames, Student Nurse" books.  My course was set.  I would be a nurse. Oh, how I wanted to be like the nurses in the books, my starched...  Read More
Thomas Jefferson's advice for dentists
An important concept embodied by a certain quote from Thomas Jefferson is pertinent for 21st Century dentists.  It involves freedom -- imagine that!  Read More
 For those Dentists who treat children  (Why those 'baby teeth' aren't always so 'golden')
Many dentists are taught to preserve primary teeth at all costs.Well, primary teeth are important. However, they might also be problematic. The primary teeth might be the problem and not the solution. There are ways to identify when primary teeth are problematic and to learn what to do about it.   Read More
8 Choices that Make Dentistry an Unhappy Career
There are eight bad choices, which, if made, will make dentistry an unhappy career. Here is how you can rebound from these choices and make your dental practice very rewarding, indeed.  Read More
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